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TEKKEN 7 - Gigas

Jun 2, 2017    
TEKKEN 7 - Gigas

Useful T7 Info:


Difficulty - Easy

Gigas is a pretty unique character in T7 in terms of playstyle. He has strong grabs and hard hitting pressure which makes rushdown the preferred style of play. This makes him unique for a big character, as bigger characters tends to focus on more defensive-oriented gameplay. That said, due to his long reaching arms, he can be played as a defensive keepout character as well depending on the situation. He has one of the best grabs in the game with hcb 1+2, a huge damaging throw with the ability to buffer it; meaning you can do the input pre-emptively during animations to make it come out as soon as the move is done. Gigas also has really funky pressure with his rage drive, where he starts charging at his opponent and gets enough frame advantage to force a 50/50; between an unblockable high and a wallsplatting mid, this is great in terms of closing rounds out with a canned mixup. His block punishment is pretty polarized, he has a really really strong jab punish and an i15 launcher with huge range making whiffing against him dangerous, and he has the ability to punish certain moves that most characters struggle to punish. However the rest of his overall punishment is quite poor. While he has strong mids, due to his stubby legs, he has poor range on his lows, making it easy to backdash away from his pressure.


  • Strong throw game.
  • Long reach on his arms.
  • Very strong jab punish (maybe the best).
  • Strong, fast and easy whiff punisher.
  • Canned powerful mixups with rage drive.
  • Good damage output with or without a wall.


  • Extremely poor overall punishment outside of jab.
  • Lows have poor range.
  • Poor sidestep.
  • Takes more damage in combos due to hitbox.

Recommended for players who like:

  • An extraordinary playstyle.
  • Grappler like character.

Written by Fergus!

Game:   TEKKEN 7