Dark Souls 3 – Serpent Ring +3 Location Guide

This guide contains info about Serpent Ring +3 location.

How to Get Serpent Ring +3


  • Ringed city DLC.
  • At the final boss of the base game.

Kiln Of The First Flame

Travel here after beating all the main bosses in the base game of Dark souls 3 and turn to the left and you’ll see a bonfire near the one you just arrived at.

Go ahead and use it as it will take you to Dreg Heap (DLC).

Dreg Heap

You’ll arrive at this DLC bonfire:

Jump down the snow steps.

Jump off the ledge shown.

Continue on the path.

Run past the angel and into the door.

Run past the knights.

Run to the right and hit this wall that is fake.

Continue going up and run past the enemies.

Kick the ladder for easy climb next time.

Go to the side and jump down.

Grab The +3 Ring

Gives roughly 35% more souls.

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