Rust – Successful Wipe Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Nexinite!

This guide, will help players with basic knowledge of the game to have a better wipe. This guide will help you know basic, and advanced tips for rust players to help make you successful on your next wipe day.

Basic and Advanced Tips to Wipe

Before Starting

Please make sure you know basic knowledge of the game, this is mainly just tips on how to get better and have a better wipe. Ill Link a video to help those of you who need help with the basics!

This video covers a lot of stuff that can be very useful.

Choosing a Server

One important thing about Rust is that choosing a server, to me, affects your gameplay. From past experiences, I have noticed Community and Modded servers suck. The only modded servers i would ever play on are CombatTag’s PVP server, and Intoxicated US Sandbox. I personally believe Official servers are what will get you better at Rust, and even for a new player, if you start playing official I promise you, you’ll get to play against hard circumstances which make you better. Now every once In a while practice your PVP on CombatTag’s to use guns you might not get to use, its really helpful. Now that you’re in the official tab, which server do I pick? This depends to me on your group size. If you’re by yourself or a small group (2-3), play on some of the solo duo trio official servers.

Fresh Spawn

Ahh, the start, for some, this is extremely fun, but for others it’s not the best. My first one thousand hours of rust I would spawn on the beach and start getting materials, then running to my place where I would like to build. Now most of the time, on official servers, the first 5 minutes of wipe are hundreds of naked’s running around on the beach searching for wood and stone. Here was my first error, I would barely start out well due to me always farming as soon as the server wiped. The first thing you should do when you spawn, is immediately find where you want to build. For example the map below shows a normal server and normal radiation towns, on this map lets say Oil Rig is on the left, and Large oil rig is on the right, for me I would build around S13 due to the amount of possible places to go and Large Oil on the right.

I prefer Small Oil Rig, because in general its a lot easier to take over, and I play with smaller groups, but on this map on the left side Military tunnels is it.

As soon as you got a good spot in your eyes run there, pick up the spawnable small nodes and tree stumps, hemp and any food, by the time you get there, most of the time you’ll be set to farm. Most of the time you’ll be one of the only people farming there and you wont have to worry about naked’s trying to kill you every ten seconds.

Now I normally play in small groups, around two to four people, when looking on the map I would look for a decent spot, but do not build somewhere with too too much, many groups will base there, most likely bigger groups than yours. That’s of course you aren’t zerging, like I know some of you losers are. I normally try to build near the coast, close to oil rig and/or one monument with a recycler, (Dome does not count, due to it not having a recycler.). Once you have your spot all down, make sure you have a decent base design going down, you have enough resources, and a flat area to build your base on (for future expansion). Now I have a list for designs below:

  • Solo: 2×1 with triangle airlock.
  • 2-4 People: 2×2 with triangle airlock or acorn (Single Triangle, with Three Squares off of the Triangle, with triangles connecting the squares). With added square upstairs airlock.
  • 5-7 People: ninja star (Single square, with triangles off all sides, with triangles off left side of each triangle, connected by a square). With square upstairs airlock.
  • 7+ People: Honestly at this point just make a cancerous giant zerg base, It wont matter.

One major tip, one time while I had less hours, I was building a simple 2X2 base but didnt have enough wood for a Tool Cabinet (Tip: this component is necessary for your base, without it your base will decay and other people can build off of your base or near it). I decided to make a door and keylock and go farm some wood to make my tool cabinet, I had to go a little ways away, due to no trees being near. I come back maybe 3 minutes later, someone was able to grief my base, and took me out of the area. Im serious, make sure you have a tool cabinet while building your base. Its extremely important. Now once you have your base down, you made it out of the Fresh spawn time period! Good job!

Base Down, What to Do Next?

Now, with me, as soon as I get my base down I make sure its compact and everything inside of the base is tidy and neat. If you have a base that has a random assortment of items everywhere, It’ll be hard to move around and organize. Make sure you have a couple of furnaces in your base, and now your next step is to get some scrap and make yourself a Tier 1 workbench and/or get Blueprints. Now if you go out and keep dying to enemies Do not rage quit.

Trust me I understand how frustrated you will get if you keep consistently dying, go release some pain by going back out and killing naked’s or anyone for that matter. It gets better, trust me. Now from this point I will start to get a lot more vague in what I say due to everything being pretty much a repeat after here. The hardest part of this game is the beginning, I feel like some of you all know this. Once you get your base down you need to mix up between farming for your base, expanding and making sure your base will not decay. Then switch to scrap runs, go on the road, get components and recycle to make higher tier workbenches. The next section will go into my favourite monuments, and which ones to go to.


FIrst, lets list the monuments you will see on most official servers and ill put a rank next to them (1-10) with a description on why they are ranked that way (Excluding Outpost and Bandit Camp (not including Savas monuments)). I will link a video to all monuments, and how to do their puzzles.

  • Dome: 6, Dome is decently good, two problems though, for all the parkour and time it takes to get on top, you only get 4 military crates, which half of the time are already taken. Second problem no recycler. Overall though if you get all the crates, you can get some very good loot.
  • Sewer Branch: 8, To me this monument I always try to build near during BP wipe, due to many people not building near here and you get a lot for such a simple monument, You get a mixture of crates up on top of the actual sewer branch, box next to the recycler, around the whole monument and in the semi cave. The green card room also holds many boxes, and you do not have to flip many switches of far range from each other. Only con is that most of the time its only basic loot.
  • Airfield: 9, One of the best monuments due to the assortment of low tier, and mid tier loot. Many boxes in the main building, oil refinery, recycler, boxes in the hangers, and many boxes in the green and blue card rooms. The military transport helicopter occasionally will dropped locked crates in airfield, which hold high tier loot.
  • Harbor: 2, If you guys seriously like this monument please uninstall the game. There is nothing good about this monument whatsoever. Ultimately its a waste of time.
  • Junkyard: 4, again not the best monument, only has low tier loot, with a possibility of a locked crate drop. It’s surrounded by barbed wire that always tries to kill you. Try your best to avoid this monument unless necessary.
  • Launch Site: 7, At first launch site was the best, nowadays there is one monument call Oil Rig, that dominates over launch site. Launch is still very good with insane loot, very high tier loot. Especially on the top of the main building. Bradley as well gives a lot of loot when destroyed as well, very hard to enter and gain though.
  • Lighthouse: 1, Again, only come here at the start, this monument is just horrible.
  • Military Tunnels: 7. Very similar to launch site, except you are fighting scientists, only drawback, it’s very easy to counter, and you pretty much already must have high tier loot.
  • Supermarket/Gas Station: 3, Only come here beginning of the game, or when you need a green card, or food. Other than that this place is doodoo.
  • Satellite Dish: 5, A mediocre monument with a couple of crates and a green card room, A slightly worse sewer branch essentially.
  • Water Treatment: 6, This monument, power plant and Train yard all has near similar loot but personally Water treatments biggest flaw is it has slightly less loot than the other two.
  • Power Plant: 6, Generally a decent monument, only drawback to me is the radiation, and to be honest there are just better monuments.
  • Train Yard: 8, A better version of water treatment, and power plant, less radiation, more loot, easy to understand. Simple as that.
  • Oil Rig: 10, Ultimately I would consider this the best, You can go there with compound bows and get low tier, mid tier, and high tier loot. The only drawbacks are it is easy to counter and fighting the heavy scientists can be a pain in the butt.


Helicopters are so very significant. They can be used for a lot of things, obviously getting places quicker, and getting into monument puzzles by cheating and dropping into the top of monuments like Train Yard, or Dome.

Make sure you know how to fly a helicopter correctly, if you do not, go onto a helicopter training server in modded, to get accustomed to helicopters and how to fly them. If you or someone you know flies extremely well your whole rust wipe will change and it’ll be for the better.

End Game

Once you have a lot of things down, most of the blueprints, its now time to raid and start roaming constantly. Now I wont get too much into raiding, due to it being a pretty simple concept, but I will tell you a couple of things. While raiding, amke sure you bring a little more rockets and/or C4, judt incase, something goes wrong. Second, make sure to raid with both C4 and Rockets, at least in my opinion its better to raid with both, C4 mainly for the doors, and one for Tool Cabinet, bring rockets for honeycombing and/or walls. Finally, whils hooting rockets shoot multiple walls and/or roofs. Roofs are one of the best ways to go, and try to hit as much as you can with the splash damage of the rockets.

Roaming is simple, the only thing I will tell you, is to bring a sufficient amount of ammo and meds, just incase, you never know when you’ll need them. Thats all I have about these things.

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  1. Very interesting, Except i dont have the balls to leave my base cause none of my friends like rust and no one wants to play with me.

  2. I learned more than listening to youtubers hyping up harbor and how much it matters to enter it, I just need to get more brave to roam around those without getting killed and get better at crossie aims.

  3. Btw very good guide, you should do one explaining how to pvp. I.e. positioning, and how to work with team mates.

  4. Raiding tip: Don’t use c4 on tool cabinet. Use explosive ammo, it’s only like 8 to destroy a TC. Using c4 on it is a huge waste.

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