Stoneshard – How to Own the Boss of the Prologue (Useful Hints)

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Quick guide on how to own the boss of the Prologue.

Guide to Slay the Boss

Arrow Up

  • Pick up as many arrows as you can and hold on to them until the boss fight.
  • Only use your bow if you can still save 40 arrows for the boss fight.
  • The bow of choice is the one on the dead guy’s body at the waterfall (it’s always on him).
  • Use an enchantment scroll on the bow to boost its stats.

Level Up

Attribute Points (AP)

  • Put all your attribute points into Perception.
  • This gives you maximum accuracy and ranged damage, making sure all your shots hit.
  • At level 6 you should have 20 Perception.

Skill Points (SP)

  • 1st skill point goes into Range Weapons / Taking Aim.
  • 2nd skill point goes to Range Weapons / Constant Practice.
  • 3rd skill point is for Range Weapons / Precision.
  • Spend your 4th skill point as you choose, though I recommend picking Ranged Weapons / Distracting Shot. See below for why.

Boss Down

Checklist before the fight:

  • Rest up to full health.
  • Make sure your character isn’t hungry or thirsty.
  • Use up any enchantment scrolls you still have.
  • Don’t forget to enchant your bow before the fight!
  • Repair your gear if you have a repair kit.

Once the fight starts, head directly to one of the statues. Once all the statues are destroyed, the zombies perish automatically so it’s best if you can avoid having to deal with them.

When you get shot by a pool of blood, immediately step out of it unless you want to get killed.

If a zombie is in a neighboring tile as you try and step out it will likely hit you and keep you in the blood pool and bam, you’re dead.

If you find yourself in the blood pool and surrounded by zombies, use Distracting Shot if you have it as it lets you retreat 2 tiles away, out of the blood.

Don’t waste arrows or spells on the zombies, the main goal is to destroy the two statues ASAP.

Once the statues are down and the boss turns into its final form, equip your bow & arrows (W key for the 2nd equipment slot).

When you see purple circles coming out of the boss, step out of their way as he’s about to charge you..

If you see purple flares he’s doing an AoE attack so you really want to be on the perimeter to be able to step out of its area of effect.

Always keep your distance, at least 2 tiles if you can and shoot him with arrows whenever you can.

Quaff any potions if you have them e.g. the Deadly potion, the accuracy potion, etc.

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