RimWorld – How to Deal with Centipedes (Combat Extended)

This is for combat extended only. This is a guide explaining how to deal with those pesky centipedes in CE. Centipedes in CE are extremely buffed, even charge rifles wont penetrate their thick armour! 

Guide to Dealing with Centipedes


Centipedes are extremely annoying mid-late game with CE as they have thick armour making most guns useless against them. The inferno cannon can one-shot your colonists even with the best armour (trust me I have tested this…). and so on… but there is a way to kill them!

What Can Kill Them?

Explosives! Centipedes have less blunt resist than sharp making explosives able to hurt them! This is a decent way to get rid of them. It takes around 5 shots to kill one at close range with the grenade launcher (Has 6 shots, so 1 kill per reload). This doesn’t really help when late game you get around 5 or even 10. I should also mention that kill-boxes will help soooooo much because you need to be able to get in range to accurately kill them, among other uses.

Other explosives and grenades have similar effects – being able to kill within 5 – 10 shots.

I would not recommend using traps and IEDS against them.

Is There Anything Better?

Thankfully, yes. The ultimate weapon against them are… EMP Grenades!

EMP grenades are the best against them because:

  1. They can stun lock the centipede (even in groups!).
  2. Deals somewhat good damage (takes about 7 grenades).
  3. Cheap and easy to craft (you only need the research, materials and time, which at that point in the game you should have).


  1. They have a very short range (kill-boxes negate this but you still have to get really close).
  2. (for me at least) You have to micro-manage because once a colonist has thrown their grenade, they stop targeting and do nothing so you have to constantly make sure that they are attacking the centipedes.

EMP IEDs are somewhat useful, they have a large blast radius and still stun and do some damage.

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