Nioh 2 – How to Beat Enenra (Boss Guide)

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Enenra is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Enenra is a Smoke and Fire Yokai that attacks with swift fire tornadoes and powerful blows from its large fists.

Enemy Description

Pronounced “EHN-ehn-rah.” A yokai composed of smoke and darkness, born from the grudges of humans who met their untimely ends in the Dark Realm. It has no one true form, ever-changing as it drifts through the air. It is said to draw close to its victims by disguising itself amongst the steam and smoke of a bath or hearth in the home.

In spite of its hulking appearance, the Enenra is quick and agile due to its smoky origins. One would be wise to not make the mistake of thinking it slow in movement or mind. It can instantly take on the form of a tornado, pursuing its prey with frightening speed. An Enenra in this form is best avoided, for it advances relentlessly while damaging all in its path.

Enenra Locations

  • Found in Main Mission: The Beast of Smoke and Flame

How to Beat Enenra

Enenra Boss Guide:

Enenera can be found in a small square battlefield. There are 4 pillars located on each corner of the area. If you take Enenra near the pillars, his attacks will break them causing him huge Ki damage. This can only be done once per pillar but provides a great opportunity to deplete his Ki and deal a considerable amount of damage.

Its important that you dodge backwards after you perform a grapple attack as he will stand up with an AOE attack.

Enenra is fast and his attacks deal lots of damage. A good strategy is dodging his attacks and staying at a medium distance. When he transforms into a tornado, perform a burst counter and attack him. You can repeat this strategy in both the normal and dark realm.

While in the dark realm, his attacks will be faster and your Ki recovery will be reduced Try to stay away from him and wait for his Tornado Transformation to perform a burst counter.

Phase #1

  • Tornado Attack: He will transfrom himself into a tornado and rush towards the player. This is the best opportunity to perform a burst counter and deal a huge amount of Ki damage.    
  • You can perform the burst counter while he is moving to you.

  • Tornado Throw: He will throw 5 tornados that will slowly move torwards the player. If they touch you, they will cause damage per second.
  • They can be easily avoided by running to another corner of the room.

  • Two-Handed Slam: He will raise both arms and perform a big AOE attack right in front of him dealing massive damage and leaving a yokai pool.    
  • This attack can be avoided by jumping backwards. Players can take the chance to deal some damage while he recovers.

  • Three hit combo: He will perform a three hit combo in front of him with his arms.    
  • Jump backwards and wait for the attack to finish.

  • Kick: He will use his legs to perform a forward kick. Be careful as this attack has a very long range.    
  • You can either use your guard or dodge backwards two times.

  • Teleport: He will clap his hands and teleport next to the player.    
  • Try to dodge in the opposite direction as he usually performs a quick attack after the teleport.

  • Fire Burst: He will wave his head and generate fire explosion in a wide arc in front of him.
  • Try to run behind him when he waves his head and use the opportunity to deal some damage.

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