The Escapists 2 – Rock-Hammer Hard Place Guide (Escape from Fort Tundra)

This guide explains how to escape Fort Tundra using the unique single player escape, Rock-Hammer Hard Place. Please appreciate the effort I put into this – It took me more than 3 hours to make!

How to Escape from Fort Tundra

Rock Hammer Hard Place

Rock Hammer Hard Place is the unique singleplayer escape for Fort Tundra.

For this escape you will need:

  • Rock Hammer.
  • Lightweight Cutters.
  • An Intellect of 70.
  • Bed Dummy.

Some Useful Crafting Tips that may be needed:

  • File + File + Roll of Duct Tape = Flimsy Cutters.
  • Flimsy Cutters + File + Roll of Duct Tape = Lightweight Cutters.
  • Lightweight Cutters + File + Roll of Duct Tape = Sturdy Cutters.
  • Inmate Outfit + Tub of Bleach = Infirmary Overalls.
  • Timber + Timber + Roll of Duct Tape = Baseball Bat.
  • Whip + Razorblade + Roll of Duct Tape = Super Whip.
  • Bed Sheet + Pillow + Pilow = Bed Dummy.

The Rock Hammer can be obtained as a reward for completing a 8-part Favour called Rock Hammer Hard Place.

It will always be offered by the same inmate, so if you have seen the inmate before you can just go up to him and the Favour will always be there, even if you decline it.

Rock Hammer Hard Place

The First favour will involve retrieving a book. This book will always spawn in one of the inmate desks, so retrieving it will always be easy.

The next favour will also involve retreiving a book, but this time the book will be on a random guard.

Sometimes, the guard you will need to beat up to retrieve the book will be a Riot Guard, but this is not a problem. They aren’t much stronger than a regular guards, and 4-5 hits from a Low Damage weapon will finish them off. Grab a Contraband Item (Screwdriver or file works best) and go through the Contraband detector to the west of the control room. The snipers will not shoot you. If no other guards are around, a Riot Guard should come out of the control room to inspect the contraband detectors.

When he sees you, lead him northwards to the social room where you will beat him up.

If the book is there, feel free to take the armour and metal baton and keep it.. If not, take the book, Armour, and Baton, and drop your contraband weapon’/item, the outfit and the baton and commit suicide on the electric fences near the Kennels. It can be VERY tempting to keep the outfit, but you will not be able to hang onto the outfit if you want the book.

After commiting suicide, a medic from the small northeastern infirmary should come to get you. While the Riot Guard is off to the Guard area to fetch another uniform, repeat the same process with the second Riot Guard. You can take the outfit and Baton this time, but make sure to wait until your heat is under 80.

Sometimes, it will spawn on a ordinary Guard, but the guard will linger in the guard area and not come out. During this time you should wait for the guard to come downstairs from the Guard Area and Increase your Intellect while waiting.

After returning the book to your random inmate, he will issue you with the Third Favour.

This favour involves Getting rid of a File.

If you have already found a File and a Roll of Duct Tape, you can craft this File with the Other File and the Roll of Duct Tape to get Flimsy Cutters, if you have 40 Intellect already. Stealing the file from this favour is a handy way to get a file if you are missing them ( they can be a total pain sometimes)

If you have seen a lot of files around and know that you can find more, or you cannot find a File and Roll Of Duct Tape to craft flimsy cutters you can flush this one down a toilet. Don’t worry if you flush, you can always do other favours and buy files for 40 Money.

The Fourth Favour will involve crafting a Baseball Bat for your random inmate.

You will need an intellect of at least 60 for this, so go gain intellect! If you have the stamina to keep going past 60, do so . You will need an intellect of 70 for the Eighth Favour.

Once you have 60 Intellect or more, retreive the Two Timber and Roll of Duct Tape from the desks indicated by the golden pin. If you are carrying Rolls of Duct Tape or Timber that DID NOT spawn with the favour, drop it on the ground when crafting the Baseball Bat. There is a nasty bug which makes you fail the favour by using the Duct Tape In the favour even though the Duct tape you have plugged into the crafting menu is not the Duct Tape spawned by the favour.

If the game says that ‘You have failed this favour’ the favour will not spawn again and you will have to restart the game.

After crafting the Baseball Bat, Deliver it to your random inmate to get the next favour. It is very likely that at this time it is Excercise Time, so you may have to wait for Shower Time.

Note: Breakfast Time if it is the morning Rollcall, in which case you have to wait until Job Time to give It.

You can try to rush through the detector to give it to the required inmate and then get beat up, but it is actually faster to wait until next period because the Western Main infirmary is so far away.

After delivering the Baseball Bat to the required inmate, he will issue you with the Fifth Favour:

To beat a random inmate up. This should be fairly simple – Get him when guards aren’t looking, and beat him, perhaps with the help of a weapon.

The Sixth Favour is extremely similar to the Second. He will task you with retrieving a book from a random Guard ( It can be the same one! ) ^ Consult above if you are having trouble! If you beat him up in the cell block, you can steal his outfit and stash it in your desk. You will need it for later if you don’t already have bleach or an outfit already.

The Seventh Favour is similar to the Fifth Favour, except this time you need to beat up a random Guard ( Can be Riot guard and Can be the same Guard(s) you have beaten earlier! ) In the case of it being a Riot Guard, Consult above and look at how to get a riot guard for the second favour^^.

After downing the Guard you will have the Eighth and Final Favour. The Final Favour will require you to retrieve the items to craft a Super Whip and deliver the Super Whip to the random Inmate. You will need 70 Intellect to Craft the super whip.

If you do Not have 70 Intellect By now, Go gain intellect. After Delivering the Super Whip, a Rock Hammer should appear in your inventory.

Craft a bed dummy if you haven’t already, and search the desks you haven’t if you have time until nightfall or don’t have 3 files and a Roll of Duct Tape. You can get by with 3 Files and One Roll of Duct Tape if you Absoloutely cannot get the second Duct Tape. If You Have enough materials to do so, craft Sturdy Cutters.

At night time, Check in to Roll Call, then grab your outfit and cutting tools, possibly some energy replenishment, and go to the sewer cover to the west of the statue.

At the End of Roll Call equip your outfit and wait at the sewer cover to chip through using the rock hammer. If there are no guards around you can start to chip at 11 minutes past midnight. Once In the sewer, head north and cut the fence. When you see a passageway to the left turn that way and cut the final fence on your way to freedom. If you only Have 3 Files and One Roll of Duct Tape break One file on your way to freedom and use the other 2 Files down to 34% and then upgrade them into Flimsy cutters with the Roll of Duct Tape. After Cutting the Final Fence run to the left where there will be a ladder. Run to the Ladder and press [E] and you will have escaped!

The average player can manage this in 2-3 days, although I have done it in 1 Day.

Always be on the lookout for energy replenishment and bleach, as well as Duct Tape and Files.

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