The Escapists 2 – How to Make a Bed Dummy

This guide explains how to make a bed dummy in Escapists 2 (Obviously) in detail.

Guide to Making a Bed Dummy

Section 1: Question your sanity (Skip this one if you don’t care and just want to make the dummy)

This section is dedicated to helping people figure out crafting on their own if you’d like.

If you press C (On PC) it opens the crafting menu and shows you all the things craftable (Some are blacked out because you do not know them yet and usually the payphone unlocks those, and also the status of it being black or not does NOT dictate if you can or cannot craft it.)

  • In the top it sorts them by “{Book Icon} #Number#+PlusSign+”.
  • If you don’t know what that means it means you have to have a certain amount of intelligence to craft anything under that tab.
  • Intelligence can be increased by finding a bookshelf (Usually found in rooms on the map called “Libraries”
  • Once your Intelligence is Equal to or Greater than that number, you can craft the items in that tab.

If you click on an item that is not black, it tells you how to make those things. If you get them all in your inventory at the same time, you can also click and hold the item to craft it.

Hope you found the answer to your sanity.

Section 2: How to make the Bed Dummy

It’s literally just 1 Bed Sheet and 2 Pillows, and 40+ intelligence.

There are no catches. That’s it.

  • To get these items press and hold E on a bed to take of the bed sheet.
  • Then for the pillow press and hold E on a bed that does not have a bed sheet (this can be achieved by pressing and holding E to take of the bed sheets first).

Another note is that the order in the crafting menu does not matter! For any crafting item! WOO!
Makes your life so much easier right!?

  • If you would like to use the bed dummy have it equipped (In slot #1, this can be done by clicking on it in your inventory, or pressing TAB until the dummy is highlighted, then pressing Spacebar or waiting).

And simply press Spacebar with the dummy equipped to put it on your bed.

Section 3: Concluding Statements

The Dummy is super easy to make.

The Dummy allows the player to miss the “Go to Cell” routine and stay out all night.

If you get spotted wearing an inmate outfit, it will go on lockdown, or if you hit a guard it will also go on lockdown, as nighttime is usually used for mining out because watchtowers cannot see you, unless you are in their spotlight.

Written by TheFoox

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