The Escapists 2 – Basics of Undergrounds

Hello, ill teach you about undergrounds and what those red X mean.

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How Do I Get to Underground First of All?

Well, you can access underground with 2 tools, they are:

  • Shovel (craftable) 
  • Plastic spoon (from lunch/breakfast room)
  • Multitool (craftable)
  • Trovel (findable)

Okay I Got the Thing, How Do I Dig Now?

  • Hold the item that can dig to underground, like a sturdy shovel.
  • Now, stand around and you see a green square, click space if you want to dig to that spot.
  • Now you see % decreasing.
  • At 0, you click e and your in underground 😀

I Have Soil After Digging Some Cpace to Underground, What Do I Do With It?

You flush them down the toilet obiviously OR you can gift them to guard to increase their opinion.

OMG the Guards are About to See the Hole How Do I Cover It!?

  • Calm down monkey.
  • First of all you can either cover it up with soil (but you need to dig again).
  • Or you can cover it up with a desk (my preferable choice).

Theres Red X´s on the Map, What Are They?

Theyre blockages ways which means you cant mine through them.

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