The Escapists 2 – How to Escape Every Prison

This is a detailed description of how to escape (almost) every classic prison. Using these methods and routes I was able to escape most prisons in less than 4 in-game days.

Guide to Escape Every Prison

Center Perks 2.0

This prison is pretty straightforward, and most players can consistently escape it in less than 1 in-game day. First of all, grab a broom and some duct tape. These should be fairly easy to find in prisoner’s desks. On the Northern section of the second floor, there is a medium sized room with a large couch, some desks and some filing cabinets. Go in and enter the closet with the desk and the chalkboard. Inside the desk there is a civilian outfit and a radio. Grab both. You should then be able to craft fake audio equipment with the broom, the duct tape and the radio. Put on the civilian outfit and equip the fake audio equipment in your main hand. Then go to the prison exit, which is in the Northeastern section of the prison by the visitor’s area. Go near the white doors leading outside, and there should be a prompt to escape. Interact and you’ll escape the prison.

Rattlesnake Springs

This prison might seem quite a bit more difficult than Center Perks, but it can still be beaten in less than 1 in-game day if you know what you’re doing. All you’ll need is a metal bar. Once you have a metal bar, go up the outside stairs East of the Roll Call area. Go South and to the West until you’re above the Southernmost white doors leading out of the prison. Break through the Southernmost wall with the metal bar: don’t worry, guards never patrol there. Once you’ve broken through the wall, simply walk through the hole and run South to escape.

H.M.P Offshore

This is where things start to get a bit dicey. In my opinion this is one of the most tedious prisons to escape, so buckle in. First you’ll need to get your intellect up, since this escape requires quite a bit of crafting. Once you’ve done that you need to get two files, some putty which can be crafted with talcum powder and toothpaste, a cup of molten chocolate or two which can be crafted with a mug (NOT a cup) a lighter and a bar of chocolate and a bed dummy which can be crafted with two pillows and a sheet, both of which can be taken from other prisoners’ beds.

Once you have all that, get a guard alone and knock them out with the molten chocolate. Take their outfit and make a red key mould if they have the red key. If they don’t have the red key, you’ll have to try another guard. Once you have the red key mould, make a plastic red key. Once all that is done, you’re ready to escape. Put the bed dummy in your bed and go to the generator room (It’s in the Western area of the prison on the same floor as the cell block entrance) with the plastic red key, the guard outfit and the two files after showing up for evening roll call.

Once the clock cycles over to lights out, turn off the generator and go to Floor 1 via the Western stairs. If you use the Eastern stairs, you’ll trigger the contraband detector. Once at Floor 1, take the Southern route to the Eastern area. There should be a fence blocking a boat. Cut through the fence with the two files and use the boat to escape.

K.A.P.O.W Camp

This prison is deceptively easy if you know what you’re doing. First of all, get your intellect up. Next, get your hands on a can of soda, some mints, three paint cans and a screwdriver. The cameras in the cells WILL go off if you try to loot any desks other than the top right desk so you should turn off the generator, which is by the canteen and doesn’t require any key to get to. Once you have all that, craft a makeshift rocket thruster with the soda and the mints and craft a makeshift stepladder with the paint cans. Once you’re done crafting, go to the Western garage next to the job office. Place the makeshift stepladder under the vent and climb through it to the other side with the motorcycle. Once there, use the makeshift rocket thruster on the motorcycle and use it to escape.

Fort Tundra

This prison can be a bit difficult and takes a while, but it’s still relatively quick if you know what to do. First, get your intellect up, high enough to craft sturdy tools. Next, craft yourself an infirmary outfit, a bed dummy and a sturdy pickaxe. Lastly, get some stamina increasing items from the infirmary using the infirmary outfit. Trust me, you’ll need them. Once all that is done, wait for evening roll call. Show up for evening roll call before grabbing the pickaxe, the infirmary outfit and the stamina boost items. Place the bed dummy and walk to the canteen. Stay in the small entrance hallway behind the contraband detector and wait for lights out.

Once the clock cycles to lights out, walk through the contraband detector and hide in the Southernmost area of the canteen. Don’t worry, the guard that goes to check the contraband detector won’t see you unless you’re extremely unlucky. Once the guard leaves, walk to the Westernmost wall of the canteen and break through it with the pickaxe. Walk through and place the wall block back down to cover the hole. Walk South for a while until you’re out of view from any cameras or lights and dig directly in front of the outer fence. If you’re running low on stamina, replenish it with the items you got earlier. Dig outward until you have the option to dig up, then dig up. You should then be able to climb up and escape no problem.

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