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Drug Dealer Simulator - How To Cut Crystal Meth

Written by lybbx   /   Apr 18, 2020    

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This guide will assist you cutting substitutes and addictive substances into your crystal meth product.

Cut Crystal Meth Guide


Jamie's Drug Store

  • Mixing Tray.

  • Small substance dryer.

  • Simple Mortar (Or use coffee mill).

  • Large Flask.

Gas Station

  • Substitute/Acetone.

And Obviously Meth (Obtained from Eddie at level 10).


Setup your Workstation neatly:

Grind your Meth and Substitute:

Make the mix of Meth and Substitute, in my case its sugar:

Add Acetone to the Large Flask.

Then Add The Meth Mix to dissolve in the acetone.

Once the mix is dissolved, select it and add it to the small substance dryer and click "Start Drying".

After that's finished, package the Dried Meth or add it to a Jar.

Then your Meth is ready to sell the best ♥♥♥♥ on the streets!

Written by lybbx.