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Scrap Mechanic - Explosive Jumping Guide

Written by Slimey   /   May 13, 2020    

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This is a simple guide to explosive jumping!

How to Jump


If you don't know what explosive jumping is, it's a way to travel around and impress your friends at the same time.

Step 1

Grab a large explosive canister.

Step 2

Jump while on top of the explosive (causing it to explode).

Step 3

Get launched up in to the air.

Step 4

Place an explosive right underneath you just before landing.

Step 5

Land on top of the explosive you just placed, it should instantly explode, launching you again.


How to control direction:

  • If you want to go forward, simple place the explosive a bit earlier, then hold W while you are doing the explosive jump.
  • Turning is easy, just look in the direction you are trying to go as soon as you are in the air then press W.
  • You need some practice to do this well, after 3 hours full of explosive jumping, i can fly up mountains with explosives.

Written by Slimey.