Terraria – Graveyard Biome Guide (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

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Ok weirdo (no offence) if you’re into that kinda thing here is a guide about graveyards.

How Do I Even Make One?

Simply, die five times, pick up your gravestones, and put em where u want em. Once you see the background darken and the fog rolling in that means you did it, but at what cost really?

Graveyard Biome

The enemies in this area you might be familiar with, specifically the ghost and raven, Ghosts spawn near gravestones no matter in a graveyard or not, ravens occasionally spawned around Halloween, but they come to visit the dead too. There are also rat critters that spawn near graveyards too. All of these lads are not weather, time, or hardmode specific.


  1. hey so im playing with a pal and i think we found out that graveyards increase enemy spawn rate by at least 100% at night

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