Don’t Starve Together – Wolfgang Main Guide

The way of the Strong!

How to Become Pro Wolfgang Main

Why to Choose Wolfgang

  • Can store plenty of food at his belly.
  • Streamers use it sometimes.
  • Has automatic breaks.
  • Looks big and mighty.
  • You can rush Caves with it.

How to Handle the Food Problem

First things first, always eat your food in the base or wherever other players are. Then eat a few (around 4) Meatballs and stay close to other players one by one to compare your heights and widths.

If you ever run out of food and about to shrink, do it somewhere far and come back to base while shrunk and searching Iceboxes; That will let others know you’ve been rushing caves or doing hard work, and now you need food.

Getting Dressed

As a Wolfgang main, you don’t want to dress normally, since that would defeat the purpose of character.

Either pick Skirts and T-shirts, or my recommendation, some mighty wrestling clothing.

Choosing the Right Weapon

As a strongman, Absolutely avoid Spear, as it doesn’t match your size. Get a Hambat ASAP.

Note: Avoid wearing protective gear like Football Helmet; They will make you look weak.

Fighting Bosses

The Fight

After finding the Boss, tell everyone to stay back and deal with the Boss yourself. If anyone approaches to contribute, simply move away from there and let them fight alone until they are killed, then continue.

The Strategy

Sometimes take a break from the fight and go get some supplies from base. That will make other players face a difficult time and talk about it at chat, and by the end when you go back and kill the boss in a sec, they will realize your might.

Note: While moving between boss and base, have a Walking Cane and be full belly. Choose a populated road so you can pass by others real fast and leave them amazed.

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