Rust – Flying Minicopter Ultimate Guide

In this guide we will be showcasing how to effectively fly Minicopter (Gyrocopters) to be able to manoeuvre around the island of Rust!

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Taking Off

To begin flying you will want to hold down W until you can take off, Continue to hold down W and tilt your mouse forward to accelerate or descend at a fast speed.


Skip if your only interested about flying..

To drive a Minicopter hold down left CTRL and press W to turn around press W+A or W+D,You can also go backwards by holding down S

Driving around Minicopters takes up a fair bit of fuel so its recommended you do it only when your stuck or in a tight space. 


After taking off tilt your mouse forward so that your Minicopter moves forward, Remember not to tilt it too far otherwise you may divebomb instead.

If you wish to turn around use A or D but if you need to dodge or manoeuvre at an object at high speeds move your mouse left or right

To go backwards pull your mouse down but be careful not to do it to far.


Landing is pretty easy compared to other games that require you to fly Helicopters. With a Minicopter you must slow down, This can be achieved by approaching where your landing at high speeds and holding down A or D and then pressing S to land.

You can also simply slow down enough by pulling your mouse down by a bit and holding down S


Remember to practice, This guide is quite basic and can be applied to the Scrap Transport Helicopter.

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