Stardew Valley – Getting the Craft Room

Have you just started Stardew Valley and thought: I REALLY want to get one of those rooms in the community centre, but I don’t know how. *sigh*. Then this guide is for you! A step-by-step walkthrough to know how to get the quarry and rewards.

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Unlocking the Community Centre

I’ll assume you’re starting out on spring, day one, year one. If youve already unlocked the community center then great! Skip this section. Otherwise, this is what to do:

  • Wait for a letter from Mayor Lewis about the community centre.
  • Go there and meet the apple-lookalike junimos.
  • The next day, after a letter from the wizard, visit his tower (in Cindersmap Forest).

After that, youre done.

Stardew Valley - Getting the Craft Room

Spring, Summer and Fall Bundles

These three bundles are all similar, and all quite easy. Each should thake 1-5 dedicated foraging days in the mountains (around Linus’s tent), the backwoods and Cindersnap Forest, leaving plenty of time to fish, fight and most importantly, mine. (I’ll explain this later).

In spring you are looking for: a wild horseradish, a daffodil, a dandelion and a leek. In summer: a sweet pea, a spice berry and a grape. Finally, in fall you are looking for: a common mushroom, a hazelnut, a wild plum and a blackberry.

The rewards are 30 of the respecitve season’s seeds.

Winter Bundle

You may be wondering “Why is winter in a different section?”. It is because of a different way of foraging. More specifically, artifact spots. They look like brown worms.
Hoe them and reap the rewards! You’ll get many things from them but you’re looking for winter root and a snow yam. On the ground, not inside it, you are looking for crystal fruit and a crocus.
Guess what’s the reward for this bundle? 30 winter seeds!

Construction Bundle

For the construction bundle, there are 2 words: mine, chop. In that order. First of all, when clearing trees on your farm, save the wood and keep any stone. Then, mine. Aim for a furnace, 25 copper ore, and 5 coal along with whatever adds on to your current total of stone to make it 99. Smetl the 25 copper and 5 coal into 5 copper bars. Then, for 2000g, give Clint (the blacksmith) your axe and the bars to upgrade it to copper. Then you can harvest large stumps, meaning you can get hardwood. You need 10 of this. The total wood you need is 198 (2×99).
Completing this bundle gives you a charcoal kiln.

Exotic Foraging Bundle

The exotic foraging bundle is DIFFICULT. You should get the forest farm as your farm type, but if you have’nt you must pick the mushroom option in the farm cave. The reason is that you need mushrooms. There are 3 ways of getting them, and being a pro miner can get you both red and purple like the other options. 2/5. But, the reason is that you need morel. That honeycomb thing.3/5.

Now, go mining, hoe the soil, open the crates and get a cave carrot. bring it back to the community centre. 4/5. Finally, get 2 copper bars and 40 wood. Craft a tapper and tap a tree. In 7-8 days, you will have 1 more addition to complete the exotic bundle.
You will recive 5 Autum’s Bounty.


If you followed this correctly and READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE CONTINUING… You are one step closer to getting The Quarry! Well done!

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