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Raft - The First Chapter Guide

Written by JoewayloTV   /   Oct 16, 2020    

A guide plus videos pertaining to my visits to The First Chapter.

Guide to First Chapter

Building The Raft to Specs

Randomly, this will be about upgrading and preparing my Raft to the point of useful endeavors. This includes farming on Islands, constructing my Raft, turning my Raft into a Boat, making it useful to complete Chapter.

Island Farming for The First Chapter

In order to make it to your First Chapter prior to building a boat, you need to farm up Planks, Plastics, Scraps, Nails, Leaves, Ropes, Sand, Clay, Copper, Metal, and Seaweed. Eventually, you will need to build Storage for every category. For now, the best thing you can do is build your Raft as you see fit and protect it from the Shark who will destroy your Raft if you leave it too unprotected.

Upgrading the Raft into a Boat

The next build requires Engines and a Steering Wheel in order to make it to Balboa Island. You will also need to start building Storage for everything. Build some Collection Nets all around your Raft and start collecting all of the materials you need. Visit more Islands and collect the Copper, Metal, and Scraps that you will need to build the parts.

The First Chapter

The Radio Tower

As of Update 10, The First Chapter changed the Radio Tower into your first waypoint. You need to collect all of the Notes left behind by the staff members. The only enemy here is Bruce, but he doesn't travel up the Radio Tower to kill you luckily. This isn't Sharknado where Sharks fly up to eat you. There's a note underwater, there are notes on every floor and room, recipes if you can collect them. Remember that you don't have a big enough inventory to collect everything.


On the abandoned Cruiseliner, Vasagatan is infested with Monster Rats. If you can, build a few Metal Spears. Wooden Spears only last for 3 Rats then it breaks. In Vasagatan, you need to collect five mechanical parts and four various parts all over Vasagatan to build a Bomb for the Bridge door. Keycards, Keys, and Tools vary throughout the ship. Note that your inventory will fill up faster and you use up a lot of Food and Water if you waste too much time as a new player.

Balboa Island

The final episode of The First Chapter is Balboa Island. Not the one in California, supposedly. Balboa Island is a giant recreational park that has since been abandoned due to what has happened in the world. It's filled with angry bears and radioactive waste. Do your best to dodge the Bears everywhere. You will need to collect wild berries from the bushes, you can collect Honey for fuel conversion, and you get to collect parts for Fuel on this location. Towers 2, 4, and 6 have blueprints and parts throughout the Park.

Written by JoewayloTV.

Game:   Raft