Scrap Mechanic – Modular Monorails AutoEngine

This Guide is to instruct people how to use the AutoEngine

Engine Structure

All credit goes to Stingpie!

The autoengine was designed to automaticly stop, turn, and (if you can do it) carry yourself to victory!
It uses Left and right signals to identify wether to turn, go forward, or stop. Left signals are used to turn right or stop turning right while right signals tell it to move forward or stop.

Scrap Mechanic - Modular Monorails AutoEngine

Placing Signals

When you place the signals (on both sides) they should be aprox 6-7 blocks away from the rail. They should also have a large area so the detectors can see them well.

Scrap Mechanic - Modular Monorails AutoEngine

What Should Happen if You Did It Right

If you did it right then you should see that when it comes to a turn signal it will turn.

Scrap Mechanic - Modular Monorails AutoEngine

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