Cyberpunk 2077 – Crafting Guide (Legit Eurodollars)

How to easily make money legitimately with crafting and level up the skill tree.

With this guide you’ll be able to get an infinite amount of crafting materials by just crafting and disassembling items, with the appropriate Crafting skill level and perks, you’ll craft for less and disassemble for more, also granting you an easy max level on the Crafting skill tree and endless amounts of eddies €$ in a legit way.


All credit goes to Reaper!

Before you do this!

This Crafting Guide as far as I know it’s not an exploit, it’s part of the Crafting System as broken as it may seem, at least for now until any balance patch comes out, if there’s any coming to the Crafting System. So it’s a legit method of making a lot of money and buying everything you want/need. It might just be as it was designed, because to actually do it, you do need to invest attribute and perk points in some places you might not want to.(Though you can reset perk points with Tabula Rasa).

But before you proceed, be aware that there was a bug that when your savedgame got to 8mb file size it would get corrupted, though they have already patched that issue, your save file does increase the more you craft items, and somehow that increases the time it takes to load a savedgame, at least for me, and I’m playing on the SSD, but I’ve also been collecting all different cosmetic items on my stash and some non-iconic weapons, so that’s probably influencing the longer load time it takes to load a savedgame.

(Don’t know why it works that way or why it would corrupt your save file before the patch, probably something to do with the unique ID’s it creates each time you get a new item, though as soon as you dismantle it, it should be gone from the records, but anyway that’s just me talking I don’t know any of it.)

If you want you can check the size of your savefile at “%userprofile%Saved GamesCD Projekt RedCyberpunk 2077”.

Make a new save game as I did before and while doing this, and when you got all the money you need and crafting maxed out, save again and reload. If you’re not happy with the time it is taking to load a savedgame from there, just roll back, it only impacts when you’re playing through quests and want to see different outcomes so you’re constatly wanting to reload quicksaves, and if they take long to load it’s annoying so if you’re done with all the quests it shouldn’t really bother you, IF it happens at all.

How It Works

First and Foremost

Be patient, this is a time consuming process, however you can and should speed up things by changing a cyberpunk configuration file that changes the amount of time it takes to craft/disassemble items. Check the appropriate section on the guide for it.

You need a skill level of 9 on Crafting to unlock Rare Crafting Specs, which will unlock the crafting spec “Polycarbonate Western Fringe Vest” which is the item we’ll be selling to profit.

If you’ve been looting a lot, check your consumables tab on your inventory you can disassemble most of those items there for Crafting XP, I doubt you’ll use any of them anyway, just leave some of the healing of course. You can also disassemble attachments, alcohol, mods and grenades, in case you didn’t know.

If ultimately you still need more XP, you can try to craft mods (such as Armadillo,Crusher etc.) and disassemble them multiple times to get XP, though you should have “Grease Monkey” and “Ex Nihilo” which gives you 20% chance to get a free Epic/Rare/Uncommon/Common EVEN if you’re crafting a Common mod (therefore giving you more XP disassembling those higher quality mods), and optionally “Cost Optimization” to reduce the costs of crafting said mods. This is what I did to get Crafting to 20, plus crafting higher quality mats from lesser ones with the “Tune-Up” perk, but that’s very costly and not worth at all, to get higher quality mats you should just be crafting Char Incendiary Grenades/Ozob’s Nose and disassemble those as mentioned further down on this guide.

Armadillo’s Cost plus higher quality farm example thanks to the perks mentioned: Armadillo’s Mods

Note that to get the Rare mods you also need “True Craftsman” perk.

The more quality the item has the more XP you’ll be getting either from crafting or disassembling it, therefore feel free to mess around crafting and disassembling items to get Crafting Skill Level 9, though it’s viable that you’re level 9 already or even higher by just being disassembling stuff you’ve been picking up along the way.

While leveling Crafting, if done via crafting items, try to see the costs of crafting an item and how much it gives back when disassembling it from the backpack menu accessed from the inventory menu, because you do get -5% Crafting Costs as a passive from leveling up the Crafting tree up to a -15% Crafting Cost at level 11 plus the perks mentioned in this guide which you can get at any time, as long as you level up Technical, which will reduce even further the crafting costs and maximize components gained back. As soon as you’re getting more back than spending, you can level up Crafting easily.


You’ll be getting crafting perks that reduce crafting cost plus the ones that maximize the disassemble components you get when doing it, as mentioned before, therefore never running out of mats.

You’ll be crafting multiple:

  • Bounce Back MK1 to disassemble for Common mats;
  • Max Doc MK1 to disassemble for Uncommon mats;
  • Char Incendiary Grenade to disassemble for Rare and Epic mats;
  • Optionally Ozob’s Nose for Legendary mats if you want those for upgrading/crafting Legendary Iconic weapons.

And you’ll be doing this with “Ex Nihilo” perk which, again, grants a 20% chance to craft an item for free, plus getting you even more items to disassemble and to sell.

Once you’ve gathered a good number of mats, you’ll be crafting countless “Polycarbonate Western Fringe Vest” to sell, until you almost run out of mats and then rinse and repeat from Bounce Back MK1 to Char Incendiary Grenades to restock.

To Summarize

Thanks to your perks you can never run out of mats, since the crafting cost of making the items is cheaper (Cost Optimization) and you might even craft some of them for free (Ex Nihilo) plus when you disassemble them you’ll be getting even more mats(Mechanic) with higher chances to even double the amount you get (Workshop).

Do note that your crafting level does matter, I did this when my crafting level was already at 20; At levels: 3/4/11 you get less crafting costs by 5% each making it a 15% total, since you should been at least at a Crafting skill level of 9 you get 10% less crafting cost passive. There’s also a +5% chance to get some materials back after crafting at levels: 7/12. Which helps even more the further you go down the road, since the higher levels you go you need even more XP, but that should be no problem using this method with unlimited crafting mats.

When the shopkeeper/shop machine runs out of money, open character panel and skip time forward 24 hours to reset the shop money to keep profiting €$.

Once you’re done with crafting, you can always buy “Tabula Rasa” from a cyberware shop and reset all your perk points since you won’t be needing the crafting perks that much anymore.

Crafting Skill Level Rewards

Crafting Skill Level / Reward

  • 1 – None.
  • 2 – Perk Point.
  • 3 – Crafting Cost -5%.
  • 4 – Crafting Cost -5%.
  • 5 – Perk Point.
  • 6 – Uncommon Crafting Specs Unlocked.
  • 7 – Chance to get some materials back after crafting +5%.
  • 8 – Perk Point.
  • 9 – Rare Crafting Specs Unlocked.
  • 10 – Perk Point.
  • 11 – Crafting Costs -5%.
  • 12 – Chance to get some materials back after crafting +5%.
  • 13 – Epic Crafting Specs Unlocked.
  • 14 – Perk Point.
  • 15 – Chance to get some materials back after upgrading +5%.
  • 16 – Upgrade Costs -15%.
  • 17 – Perk Point.
  • 18 – Iconic Crafting Specs Unlocked.
  • 19 – Upgrade Costs -15%.
  • 20 – Trait.

Requirements & Explanation Table

Obviously by now you’ll know you need to invest into Technical for this to work, which I do recommend anyway, because with it you can craft and upgrade Iconic weapons/clothes to Epic/Legendary and have the best looking/powerful guns in the game.

You should have at least 14 ability points into Technical to get all the perks you need from Crafting (all perks needed are mentioned in the table below) especially both – “True Craftsman” and “Grease Monkey” perks which are the perks that allow you to craft both Rare and Epic quality items. (optionally 18 to get “Edgerunner Artisan”(To craft/upgrade Legendary Items if you want your Iconics to be Legendary) and/or optionally 20 to get the Crafting ultimate skill “Crazy Science” which grants you more 10% sell value to crafted weapons/clothes, which is not much but still a decent increase for you to get to your money goal quickly.)

If you do go for 20 Technical you can also get “Cutting Edge” under Crafting as well for more %damage on all stats for crafted weapons, and if you use Tech guns you’ll also be able to grab “Superconductor” and “Revamp” under Engineering for more Tech weapon damage and ignoring armor with it. Note that this is entirely optional and not necessary for the guide, it’s just for you to squezze even more damage if you’re getting your Iconic weapons to Legendary.

So that means, minimum character level to do this should be around 9 if you you keep adding attribute points to Technical from the start, plus the Crafting Skill tree at level 9 as well as mentioned earlier to unlock the Rare Crafting Specs for the clothes to sell.

You’ll also need at least to spend 9 perk points into the Crafting skill tree, and the following crafting specs that we will be using to craft: (Note that Ozob’s Nose grenade is entirely optional too, and you can only craft it if you went at least 18 Technical since it’s Legendary spec, you can still get Rare and Epic components with just the Char Incendiary Grenades though which is more than enough.)

Crafting Spec / Where to Get / Quality

  • Polycarbonate Western Fringe Vest / Crafting Tree Level 9 (Rare)
  • Max Doc MK1 / Avaliable from the Start (Rare)
  • Bounce Back MK1 / Avaliable from the Start (Common)
  • Char Incendiary Grenade / Sancho Coronado (Epic)
  • Ozob’s Nose / Reward for completing the Side Job “Send in the Clowns” (Legendary)

TLDR; Examples (with Pictures)

Considering we have all the requirements (14 Technical/9 Crafting Skill Level/CHAR Incendiary Grenade Crafting Spec/Plus all the Crafting perks mentioned before and here – 9 perk points total), we mass craft components.

My Crafting skill tree:

Again I’ll mention, the only perks you need from there are: Mechanic – True Craftsman – Workshop – Ex Nihilo – Grease Monkey – Cost Optimization. (Once you’re done with crafting you can buy “Tabula Rasa” to reset all your perk points and assign them elsewhere if you want) Optionally if you want to increase the sale of crafted items you could go for Crazy Science but that requires 20 Technical.

Besides the Crafting perks, I have the Crafting Skill Level passives -15% Crafting Costs and Chance to get some materials back after crafting 10%, which are gained on Crafting Skill Levels of 3/4/7/11/12, you should be at least on a skill level of 9 to have the clothes crafting spec “Polycarbonate Western Fringe Vest” so that gives you at least -10% Crafting Cost plus 5% chance to get some materials back when crafting.

So this is the clothes cost:

We need Common/Uncommon/Rare components, let’s start from the beginning.

Bounce Back MK1 Crafting Cost:(again with all the relevant crafting perks + passives from the skill level itself).

Bounce Back MK1 Disassemble Components:

As you can see it costs 3 Common plus 1 Uncommon components to craft a single Bounce Back MK1(with a 20% chance to craft a free one thanks to Ex Nihilo) yet as we disassemble it it gives us 6 Common plus 3 Uncommon components, making it perfect to mass stack Common components.(Let’s not forget the 15% chance for a free component of the same quality from the skill perk Workshop) Here’s how much I got:

Max Doc MK.1 Crafting Cost:

Max Doc MK.1 Disassemble Components:

Costing you 4 Common plus 1 Uncommon components to craft, gives back 4 Common plus 5 Uncommon components, perfect for mass stacking Uncommon components.

CHAR Incendiary Grenade Crafting Cost:

CHAR Incendiary Grenade Disassemble Components:

Costs 1 Common plus 1 Uncommon components to craft yet gives back 3 Rare components and 1 epic, perfect for mass stacking Rare and Epic components. Here’s how much I got:

As you can see from 226 Incendiary Grenades which each give 1 Epic component everytime I disassemble them, I got 339 Epic components thanks to the perks I’m running with, that’s 113 more components than I disassembled, not to mention that some of those 226 nades are free from the Ex Nihilo perk. And of course 678 Rare components, which are the ones you need for the clothes.

So now that we have enough components, we mass craft clothes and sell them to a drop point or shopkeeper:

Once it runs out of money we go into the Character menu panel and skip time 24 hours to reset the shops money, keep selling until you get your desired amount of eddies, if you need more rinse and repeat for the components you need the most.

Optional Ozob’s Nose Crafting Cost:

Ozob’s Nose Disassemble Components:

Ozob’s mostly for the Legendary components if you’re going to want to craft/upgrade your Iconics, though you also need regular grenades to craft them, but you can craft those as well. (Again to craft these you need 18 Technical with the Edgerunner Artisan perk from the Crafting Tree).

Fast Crafting-Disassemble

You can change the speed the crafting/disassembling takes to do, just go to your game instalation folder at SteamLibrarysteamappscommonCyberpunk 2077r6config and open “inputcontexts.xml” with notepad, press ctrl+f to search and look for:

  • hold action=”craft_item” change the 0.8 to 0.01

For faster crafting. And for faster disassembling look for:

  • hold action=”disassemble_item” change the 0.4 to 0.1.
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