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Early Game Tips

All credit goes to NotForMe!


Chasing down deer is painful and time consuming, a sneak attack with a thrown spear or bow will almost always kill a deer in one shot, so stay crouched, move slow, and practice your spear throws, the spear drops a lot quicker than arrows.

Boars and Necks should provide most of your early game food, combine it with berries, or mushrooms. Those three together will get you over 100hp, and over 6 full bars of stamina, which should take you through your first two bosses.

If you are close enough to the shore after storms check beaches for fish that got caught on the shore. Use the fish sparingly, unless you get an early trader, and can get a rod, assuming that by the time you read this, fishing works.


Get a hammer and build a small 2×2 shelter with a roof as soon as possible, put your workbench under the roof, you do not need full walls, just enough of a roof to protect the workbench, so that you can use it to repair your tools.

Repairing tools is free, with no material cost, try to do it whenever you pass by your bench, who knows when wanderlust will take you away, and a half-broken axe is a terrible waste.

You can place up to 6 cooking stations on a single campfire. Multiple Campfires in a single longhouse can create way too much smoke, and cause issues, so 6 on a single fire can cook 18 pieces of food at a time, and save a lot of space. The Later on cooking station can only fit one, unless there’s and angle I am missing.

You can scare away most early enemies with a single campfire/torch. Skeletons are the exception, so are the big blue jerks.


A Smoke flue is imperative if you want a longhouse with multiple floors. A simple hole in the top of the wall leading to the outside of the longhouse is good enough, and keep in mind you can block smoke flow with walls, and really restrict the flow into second floor areas, I like to turn one piece of thatch backwards to smoke flow when starting out, and will build full on chimneys with later builds.

Engineering Physics are a thing, keep that in mind when building. The object you highlight when trying to place a new building piece, will turn from green to yellow, orange, and then red to highlight how much weight can be added on.

Counter act this with pillars in high roof Longhouses. The pillars can be internal or External. Internal straight up and down pillars will support more weight, but you can use angled pieces, along roof and wall tiles to ‘hide’ them.

Dirt/stone/earth defensive walls made with the Hoe and pickaxe are more effective than wood walls, as enemies will not attack it. After fighting the second boss, you should have at least 2 and a half walls of height in new outposts, as large enemies can bug their way up a 2 wall height randomly (A fuling brute can if they do their overhead on the right spot, but yea I didn’t make the game don’t ask me).

Wooden Ladders are great ways to get up 45 degree roof tiles.

If you use Half Walls, you can easily place 1×1 floor tiles on the walls allowing you to place chests on them, this will save on space for storage.

You can very easily make paths up hills, with a pickaxe. Stand right on the edge of where you are going to pick, and it will make a small step up, keep moving forward as far as you can before swinging and you will make a path that works well for carts.

If you mess up, you can use the hoe to fix it.


Axes are better than Spears. Why? Spears have very minimal range currently (which will hopefully change in the near future, cause right now spears hurt my heart). A spear may hit slightly faster, but an axe has more range, and will hit in a larger area in front of you.

When fighting tougher enemies, block, get in one swing, block again. Repeat until enemy gets stunned, or it dies.

Parry! Block in time with enemy swings, and stun/stagger enemies.

When dealing with Large enemies you should spear or bow and arrow them, with multiple players who ever isn’t the target can get up behind and smack away until the target changes.

Focus down any Shaman first, Healing and Poison will kill you more than a Troll.

Use torches to light enemies on fire at night. Hilarious and effective.

Exploration and Getting Around

Press R to put any tools / weapons on your back before sprinting, the penalty for having something in your hands affects your speed and stamina more than you realize.

You can use the hoe to level dirt anywhere. Making exploration of particularly hilly areas easier.

When exploring new areas try to keep half your stamina gauge in reserve instead of burning out in a full-on sprint, being able to outrun surprise enemies is startlingly important.

Being rested when going into new areas is super important, as it gives a massive bonus to health and stamina regeneration.

Using earth walls in your fortifications will let you do wall jumps onto roofs. Jump strafing towards a stone wall while running parallel, then immediately jump again and move entirely in the direction you want to go. For extra effect yell “Hardcore Parkour” while doing this.

‘Boats’, will get damaged over time if you keep it in shallows, or run it aground going too fast.

If your boat is completely stopped (which you can do by getting off of it, that means every player.) it will stay in one spot indefinitely. I do not know if this is intended or not, but yea, they will not start to move unless someone is on the rudder, and the sail is down.

If the ocean, or lake begins swelling, grab hold of the mast or sit down, you will can get thrown from the boat.

Do not swim unless you have to, or it’s a short distance. If you run out of stamina you start losing health, and move very slowly.

You can add pins to the map by choosing an icon in the bottom right, and then double left clicking, you will be given the option to name the pin. A single right click removes any kind of pin.

Middle mouse button while looking at the map will create a ping in that location.

You can create wood piles, stone piles, and campfires anywhere without a workbench. This is handy for making trail markers.

Opinions and Boring Stuff

If you have to melee, Swords are your best weapons for anything other than skeletons. Axes are a close second. Swords deal more damage, but have less knockback.

Clubs are best for skeletons, clubs or maces that is.

The Harpoon is a better ranged weapon than bows, or any spears, no ammo consumption on it makes it so. The lower damage output is excused by a fast rate of fire. And it could just be me, but it has better drop off than a Fine bow?

Until you get a harpoon, running with two spears is better than a bow and some arrows.

Sitting on the roof of your longhouse and staring up into the night sky is the best way to pass the evenings, save cooking for the weekends.

Eikthyr is the only buff that matters…. Not really, if you are sailing there’s a better one.

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