Age of Empires Mobile – Comprehensive Guide (Research, Trading, Heroes and More)

Guide to Basics


The first thing we need to do in the game is just focus on upgrading the town center. Upgrade only what you need to upgrade the Town Center.

If you wait to upgrade the town center after upgrading everything to the last level, you will lose a lot of time. We lose a lot of time when the town level is low.

When the town level goes up, the heroes level up too. This has a positive effect on the battlefield.

  • Raise the town center.
  • Upgrade what you need to upgrade the town center.
    • To upgrade the Town Center, always start from a WALL.
      • For the wall, we always need a Tavern.
        • Tavern always allows us to make more Hero levels (Each Tavern level allows you to raise 5 Hero levels).
  • While upgrading the Town Center, it is also necessary to raise the level of the barracks.
    • For example: He wants a Quarry for a barn upgrade. Then we will keep only 1 quarry at the last level.

Other than that there is nothing we can do about construction. Avoid all unnecessary construction.


  • As the Town Center rises, we need to do Research at all times.
  • The priority in research should always be Military research. Economy research is a waste of time for us in the short term.
  • In research; As a clan, we need to open all T5 soldiers and turn towards T6. We started to fall far behind militarily.
  • In research, you do not need to go to the last level of each research, it is enough to do what is needed until the next research is opened.
  • Our first priority is to get high level soldiers, then we go back and do our research.
  • At that time, we will first come back by filling the researches of our main arm army.

The Mightiest Governor Event

It is a bit difficult for people who do not invest money for this event.

I used speed for a total of 20 days (research, soldier raiding, construction, general) and at the end of the event I was 29th.

The only thing we can do for this event is to wait without participating in 2 or 3 Mightiest Governor events, accumulate all speeds and other things that give points and use them all on the last day of the Mightiest Governor event.

Because on the last day, the game gives points for both the speed used and the increased military power.
In the first 6 days of missions only; Do and leave the points needed to get the rewards of that day’s mission.

Calculate the research and construction in the event so that your speeds do not run out unnecessarily. (For example, if you print 7 days of construction at the beginning of the event, you will get extra points by using a little speed on the last day).

Other points are awarded for Legendary and Epic medallions, Legendary and Epic Skill Scrolls

Do not use them until the event comes, you will use them to get points in the event.

Do not use anything from the bag for this event, save it all.

Information about the Stores

This heat is important. Every development in the game goes through here.

There are 7 stores in the game.

These are in order

  • Virtue
  • Items
  • Army Instruction
  • Arena
  • Alliance Treasury
  • Vip Store
  • Traveling Merchant

It’s important to use these stores effectively. It is like investing money in the game.

If we start with the Virtus Store

This place is refreshed every day at 3 am. You can convert the virtues you cast when you fight into speed and resources here. Every virtue over 10 000 is 0 on Monday. You need to spend for it

The Goods Store

Trade with Imperial currency. Buy Resources, Speed, Hero Skill Medals, Legendary and Epic skill Scrolls.

Use it as much as possible to buy Yellow Skills for your Heroes. Change your main arm army’s abilities to yellow here.

Army Training Store

A place to trade with the money earned from army training during the campaign. Where you can buy Resource, Speed and Skill Scrolls (Army training can be done automatically, you do not need to stay at the beginning of the game).

My suggestion from this store would be to buy legendary skill scrolls and speed.

Arena Store

Perhaps one of the most important stores in the game. You can trade here with the points you make in the arena. Hero TP book of 50.000, General Legendary Hero Medal, Skill Medal are the most important ones for us right now. Please take care to get these first. Then there are the things you need to develop a Ring. If there is more money left, you can look at them too.

Alliance Treasury

The easiest place to accumulate money. Even from the Barbarians you slaughter, alliance money comes.

Here, there are important things like Speed, Resources, Hero TP 50.000, Skill Points Blue teleportation.

But these are the items we will buy first,

  • Hero TP 50.000
  • Skill Score 200
  • Speed
  • Blue Teleportation

We should buy in this order.

I threw the necessary pictures. This is how I do it.

The Hero Development

Since we cannot invest too much money in the game, we cannot develop 5 arm heroes at the same time. So we need to identify 1 main arm army and focus only on it.

Heroes of this main army must be very good. We should spend every hero TP and Skill Points on him.

The most important thing in this game is our Heroes.

We prioritize 1 army and only strengthen and advance its Heroes. The other 4 armies are a subject to be looked at later. they will be considered in the next game.

The Hero Levels of your main army should be the highest allowed by the Town Center.

The first building to upgrade after each Town Center upgrade is the tavern.

After that, immediately upgrade Hero levels. then try to upgrade Hero skills.

Hero Skills

Here’s how I distribute hero abilities.

Is the Hero a Warrior or a Tactician?

When distributing abilities accordingly, if the Hero is a Fighter, I give Strength Boost. If the Hero is a Tactician, I give a Strategy Boost.

I will explain the rest of the information on this subject on the pictures, please pay attention to the text there.

  • Explanation of the Partition 1 in the Picture.
  • The top side is the might increase, the bottom is the Armor increase.
  • You can give strength for the warrior character and armor for each hero
  • Description of Compartment 2 in the picture,
  • The skills here give attack buffs like attack 1%.
  • Description of Compartment 3 in the picture,
  • We can call it the Defense Version of Picture 2.
  • When you give less defense in abilities, your army dies faster. When you give less attack, you start to deal less damage.
  • Explanation of the Section that says 4 in the picture,
  • Abilities can be given while playing farm. but in wartime, never turn on the abilities here.

I’ve shown the mighty hero, now it’s time to show a tactical hero. I can only explain so much to the tactical hero.

I realized while taking screenshots of the character, I corrected the places I distributed incorrectly, but since it was not the same as the values in the first picture, I changed it again and left the stats here.


The Legendary Draft bought for 50.000 from your store can be bought a maximum of 3 times a week.

We only buy these. I suggest you only buy blueprints from this store.

Because we will need to upgrade the equipment for our main arm army. Legendary equipment upgrades require 10 pieces of upgrade materials at level 1, 100 pieces at level 10 and 200 pieces at level 20.

We will upgrade our main equipment by breaking the useless equipment coming from here.

  • When we Shred a purple piece of equipment that is useless to us, we get 250 upgrade materials.
  • When we Shred a yellow piece of equipment, we get 600 upgrade parts
  • The next item we’ll buy from the store is the Legendary Magma Crystal.
  • This magma crystal is also used to give a star to the equipment we level up.
  • The star unlocks a new ability on the equipment.

The Blacksmith incident briefly

  • The mission to the islands is automatic.
  • Buy legendary equipment with the accumulated money.
  • Use the remaining money to buy epic equipment blueprints.
  • If there is money left, buy a legendary magma crystal.
  • Produce the blueprints.
  • If the equipment is not useful, break it.
  • Upgrade the equipment that is useful for the main army with the Accumulation Upgrade material.

Leveling in Blacksmith

To make a 20 level equipment 1 star, it requires 1 more of the same equipment (As far as I can see, the level of the equipment required does not matter).

VIP Store

Again, a store that works with Imperial Money. As your Vip level increases, the things you can buy increase.

Here, the first things we need to buy are the same

  • 50.000 Hero TP Book
  • 500 Skill Points

Spend Imperial money on these two. I don’t recommend buying the rest.

It would be better to spend Imperial Money on more important places.

Traveling Merchant

Certain times come. These times are:

  • If soldier production is over
    • At the End of the Research
    • At the end of construction

This Store usually has Hero TP, Speed and scrolls needed for Building Construction. don’t spend too much empire money here. You can refresh the page 1 time for free every time you come here. do this and refresh the page.

To enter the store you need to come to the Market and say Store (if there is no symbol on the Market building).


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