Battlefield 2042 – Fix for No Horizontal Mouse Movement (without Deleting Files)

Please note: all credit goes to PanzerPC !

Read this guide to save you plenty of time and to fix this rampant issue, no BS just facts from credible sources.

Fixing without Deleting Your Settings/Files

Go to:

  • PC
  • Documents
  • Battlefield 2042
  • Settings
  • Prosave_profile

Now delete every line that begins with:


Then replace all of those lines with this:

GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.0.axis 9
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.0.button 60
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.0.negate 0
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.0.type 1
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.1.axis 0
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.1.button 205
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.1.negate 0
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.1.type 2
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.2.axis 0
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.2.button 203
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.2.negate 1
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.2.type 2
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.3.axis 0
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.3.button 8
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.3.negate 0
GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.3.type 0
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