Chained Echoes – How to Defeat God King Gaemdriel (Optional Boss)

Here you can find a few simple steps.

Tips to Beat God King Gaemdriel

  1. Use Egyl for his phys phase and make sure to use the move that tanks all phys hits at 75% chance and heal him accordingly.
  2. Use Glenn for all break to make sure Egyl actually survives the tanking.
  3. Use Mikah for DPS.
  4. Use Mikah’s larynx attack when he goes into his magic phase to silence him so he can’t really do much other than poison or hit someone with a bunch of status effects. Also make sure to bring robb just to smack him with throat cut to remove his silence resist so you can do it again when he goes back into it but make sure its Mikah who lands it due to hers lasting 3 turns.
  5. Use oil or heavy wet etc whichever you prefer then smack him with a third eye element of that type from Lenne rinse and repeat. Also when he uses regen make sure to dispel it with either Lenne or Bal.

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