Age of Empires Mobile – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks That Can Make Game Easier

General Tips


  • Never leave your heroes idle, they always need to be collecting resources.
  • You should always finish your daily energy.
  • As a +, you should also use the 50 bar bottle that the game gives you.
  • Your builders should not stand idle, a new building should always be minted.
  • Upgrade necessary buildings instead of the entire village’s buildings.
  • You should not fall behind in research. Your university should always conduct research.
  • You should not miss the events. Event rewards are very important for your development.
  • You must determine your troop type. You must choose the hero that suits your troop type.

Ages of Kingdom and Empire (Town Center 10+)

  • You should join a strong alliance with good activity.
  • (At Town Level 12) You must choose your 2 heroes of the same troop type, you can check the game’s own suggestions.
  • You should not forget to unlock the upper levels of the troop type you choose.

Heroes & Army

  • You can pick up heroes in the tavern.
  • You must increase the levels and stars of the heroes you choose.
  • As the hero level increases, you can increase the military power of the hero’s unit.
  • Military Types: Cavalry > Archers, Archers > Swordsmen, Swordsmen > Lancers, Lancers > Cavalry.
  • Choose your army according to this superiority. If the unit you choose is cavalry, you will have an advantage if you attack archer units, but if you attack spearmen, you will be at a disadvantage.
  • Civilizations: Byzantium = Cavalry, Rome = Spearmen, China = Archers, France = Swordsmen.
  • These civilizations give buffs to their troop types. Each civilization also has resource gathering and production buffs.

Campaign Map

  • I recommend you to use your strongest hero in this part. Get your campaign map reward daily. Using different heroes on the campaign map gives you achievements and thus you can get very good rewards.
  • It would be to your benefit to follow the event calendar.
  • Finally, remember that this is a game and the main purpose is to have fun.

Gameplay Tips

Which Heroes should I upgrade when in the early game?

During the early stage, complete the main quests and take part in various events to acquire different heroes. You can also recruit heroes from the tavern.

When choosing a hero to upgrade, first consider the hero’s UNIT TYPE and STYLE. There can be 3 heroes in a troop, and only when their unit types and styles match can you maximize their military power bonuses! Hence, focus on training heroes sharing the same unit type and style to create a powerful lineup.

Pro Tip: Unit type bonuses exert a stronger buff!

In addition to the above, you must decide who to fight as the commander and the second in command. Every troop consists of 1 commander and 2 second in command. Heroes with stronger damage output are more suitable to act as the commander. Choices for the second in command are more flexible. You can choose damage dealers or supports to create an offensive troop. Alternatively, you can choose healers and damage-reduction heroes for a more balanced troop with better survivability. But for the early stage, it is better to focus on upgrading your commander. For new governors, heroes like Josephine, Joan of Arc, Leonidas I, and Hua Mulan are great choices as the commander.

Battlefield Survivor Gameplay and Rules

As the game story unfolds, you will play the game as Josephine and go deep into enemy lines where you must survive the enemy’s hunting and complete your mission of assassinating enemy commanders.

In Battlefield Survivor, use the joystick to move and pick up XP gems, accumulate Holy Sword energy, and level up to gain powerful abilities and passive effects.

Every round of Battlefield Survivor lasts approximately 3-6 minutes. Players win the game by surviving for a certain period or defeating the boss.

Examples of Ability Effects:

  • Wild Rose Arrow (Josephine’s Default Ability): Randomly attacks the closest enemy. Upgrade this ability to gain an extra damage bonus and ricochet effect.
  • Military Domain (Acquired in the Game): Deals damage to nearby enemies. Upgrade this ability to increase its damage and range, and knock back enemies.

About Battlefield Survivor Abilities

Battlefield Survivor is a rogue-like survival mode in which you move with a joystick and pick up XP Gems, accumulate Holy Sword energy, and level it up to get special abilities and passive effects.


  • Military Domain
  • Effect: Deals continuous damage to nearby enemies.
  • Evolve: Evolved Military Domain significantly increases the damage area and the amount of damage.
  • The Reaper
  • Effect: Generates 2 blades that swirl around the hero.
  • Evolve: Increases the blades’ duration and damage.
  • Dagger Throwing
  • Effect: Fires 2 flying daggers forward to attack enemies.
  • Evolve: Evolved Dagger Throwing significantly reduces cooldown.
  • Iaido Cleave
  • Effect: Increases the damage range.
  • Evolve: Evolved Iaido Cleave deals high damage to all enemies in a straight line.
  • Blaze Toss
  • Effect: Launches flaming cauldrons to generate ranged damage at 1 random location on the ground.
  • Evolve: The flaming area of evolved Blaze Toss will permanently follow the hero’s movement.
  • Penitence Codex
  • Effect: Inflicts AoE damage at the location of 1 random enemy.
  • Evolve: Evolved Penitence Codex launches continuous attacks on all locations.
  • Broadside Volley
  • Effect: Fires 5 bullets at enemies in a fan area in front of the hero.
  • Evolve: Evolved Broadside Volley fires multiple blazing spirits around to attack nearby enemies.

Passive Effects:

  • Windwalker Boots
  • Effect: Increases movement speed.
  • Gale Feather
  • Effect: Increases damage and flight speed.
  • Chalice of Sacrifice
  • Effect: Increases health recovery speed.
  • Greedy Pocket
  • Effect: Increases the pick-up area.
  • Lightning Fragment
  • Effect: Increases abilities’ damage.

About Siege

You can attack the citadels of other players using a single troop or rally, but either way will result in a large number of casualties. It is thus recommended to avoid directly attacking other players’ citadels.

There is an active skill in alliance technologies that reduces unit casualties. Activate this when attacking other citadels to reduce loss for a while.

About Defense

When defending your own or allies’ citadels, none of your units will die in battles (unless the hospital is already at full capacity). Because of this, you can safely reinforce your allies’ citadels.

However, when a citadel is defeated, the enemy can burn its durability while looting its resources. When the durability drops to 0, the player’s citadel will be teleported to a random location on the map.

Hero Lineups and New Player Recommendations

A lineup consists of a maximum of 3 heroes:

  • 1 commander and 2 seconds in command.

The power of a lineup is determined by three main factors: unit types, hero styles, and hero skills. To increase lineup power bonuses, it’s best to choose heroes with the same unit type and style. Additionally, you should consider whether the school and hero skill effects match.

There are various types of hero skills (active, secondary strike, turn-based, etc.) and different effects (attack, support, recovery, etc.). As long as the unit type and style match, you have the freedom to experiment with different hero combinations and explore various lineup strategies.

Barbarians and Stamina

If you don’t need to gather resources with your hero’s, but don’t want them to idle, try the “Autobattle” feature!

Attacking barbarians does cost Stamina, but you have each day around 150, since everyone gets a free 50 stamina recharge. When you open the world map, you will see in the bottom a magnifying glass icon.

Click on the type of barbarians you want to hunt, and what type, press Autobattle, and choose the hero’s who should attack. Done, you are now farming them!

About Barbarian Levels

The level of barbarians that you can attack is typically determined by the highest level of barbarian troops that you have defeated.

Barbarian levels are unlocked based on time and progress since the server launch. If you have already defeated the highest level of barbarians that you can currently find, that means that you have surpassed most of the governors on the server.

Barbarian levels are unlocked over time after the server launch:

  • Day 1 – Lv.8 barbarians unlocked
  • Day 5 – Lv.12 barbarians unlocked
  • Day 15 – Lv.18 barbarians unlocked
  • Day 30 – Lv.24 barbarians unlocked

Note: The highest barbarian level in the current version is Lv.30. This may be increased in future updates.

About the World

In the world, you can challenge enemies for dominance over the vast map just like in a sandbox game.

You can experience rich gameplay in the world:

  • Barbarians: Challenge barbarians of higher levels to upgrade your heroes and develop your citadel.
  • Resource Points: Gather resources to boost your citadel’s development.
  • Alliance Territory Expansion: Join an alliance and expand its territory through alliance buildings and occupying cities.
  • Siege: Cooperate with other players to conquer cities, mountain forts, and plaques on the map to ultimately conquer the Imperial City.

About Military Power

Military power is comprised of your troop power, building power, technology power, hero power, internal affairs officer power, and strategy power.

Follow these steps to view the details:

  • Tap on Portrait – Military Power Details.
  • You can view the value of each type of power.

You can also view the bonuses for each of the four aspects:

  • Economy: Citadel resource point production, gathering speed, building speed, tech research speed, etc.
  • War: Marching, unit type bonuses, parade ground capacity, reinforcement limit, etc.
  • Logistics: Troop training speed, training quantity, hospital healing speed, etc.
  • City Defense: Siege bonus, defense bonus, city wall durability, etc.

About Villagers

Villagers in the game work in these ways:

  • Function 1: To speed up building construction. The more villagers you assign, the faster the construction can be finished (for construction only, not upgrading.)
  • Function 2: To gather resources (trees, berries, sheep) in the citadel. The more villagers you assign, the faster the gathering.
  • Function 3: Long-term resource production. Assign villagers to lumber camps, mills, quarries, and gold mines to improve resource production. The more villagers you assign, the more resources are produced.

Lost Borderland Tips for F2P Players

The game offered us a gift with name Lost Borderland. If you play it and finish all map by spending some time here, you will get at least 200-220 x 50.000 Exp Tomes and 20-30k Level Exp in each stage by finishing the all map.

Most important rewards in Lost Borderland Lv5 Tomes and 1k Hero Exp things beside the finish rewards.

To be able to finish all map in 40-50min, you need to focus on these things:

  • Legendary Barbarians and Legendary Chests.
  • You should open secret chests talent and you should find them on the map, they are important.
  • Epic Chests that stays on the map without killing barbarians.
  • Barbar Towers.

You dont need to Collect Blue chests and even I dont collect Epic chests that fall from Barbarians because usually they are useless.

Talents Tree:

How can I deploy more troops?

You can research technologies to gradually unlock more troops.

Alliance Tips

About Alliance

  • Alliance War: Shows allies’ current rally targets and alliance buildings that are currently under attack.
  • Alliance Assistance: Request alliance help to accelerate citadel building construction or tech research.
  • Alliance Contributions: Participate in alliance building construction and help other alliance members to gain alliance contributions to earn rewards in the alliance treasury.

About Alliance Membership

There are 5 tiers of alliance membership. The alliance leader and officials hold the highest positions in the alliance and have the most authority when it comes to managing the alliance’s growth and initiating events. They are also responsible for assigning members to various alliance roles.

About Alliance Buildings

After an alliance occupies a land, it can build various alliance buildings, such as defensive towers, armory (for special events), etc. Some alliance buildings must be built on fixed foundations. They provide a strong boost to alliance tech research.

About Alliance Territory

Alliances must search the world map for suitable foundations to build their alliance stronghold, then build alliance flags in the surrounding area to expand their territory.

Within alliance territory, an alliance can get resources and construct buildings, and all members will receive a series of extra buffs.

By expanding their territory outward, the alliance can attack adjacent cities, mountain forts, and docks, and enter resource regions and Imperial City region of higher levels to compete and cooperate with alliances from other regions.

Hero Tips

Hero Style

Heroes in this game have 3 different styles: Marshal, Warrior, and Tactician. After unlocking the talent “Strength in Numbers”, you can unlock style bonuses. When multiple heroes in a troop share the same style, they will receive bonuses to all attributes: +20% for 2 heroes and +30% for 3 heroes.

Hero Level

A hero’s unit capacity is subject to their level. And hero talents unlock when reaching a certain hero level. Upgrade the tavern to increase the hero level limit.

  • Hero’s unit capacity increases by 200 with every level promoted. Unit capacity determines how many units can be in a troop.
  • Heroes gain talent points after leveling up and must reach the required level to unlock hero talents.
  • Leveling up heroes also increases your hero power.

XP Tome: Grants hero XP to level up heroes. Obtain by eliminating barbarians and participating in events.

Quick Upgrade: When using XP tomes, the excess XP will be carried over to the next level.

Hero Talents and Talent Tree

Heroes are vital to your troops and play crucial roles in Age of Empires Mobile. How you shape your heroes can significantly impact the outcome of battles. The hero talent system provides a clear and visual representation of the various paths through which you can develop your heroes effectively.

Hero talents unlock at hero Lv.20

Entrance: The Hero Interface > Hero Talents

Talent System Details:

  • Upgrading talents costs talent points that are automatically earned when heroes level up.
  • The talent system is comprised of the talent tree and branch talents.

Talent Tree: You must spend a certain number of talent points to unlock each primary talent. A hero’s talent tree is determined by their military specialty. Heroes of the same military specialty have the same talent tree.

Branch Talents: Any branch talent costs only 1 talent point to level up. Branch talents have different focuses that governors can choose based on hero specialties and lineup. For example, offensive heroes may choose to level up damage-dealing talents, while a defensive hero should focus more on damage-reduction talents. Since there is a limit to the hero’s level, there will never be enough talent points to upgrade all talents. As a result, your choice of branch skills becomes even more crucial.

If you’re unsatisfied with the talents you’ve chosen, simply tap the reset button in the upper right corner. By spending 100 empire coins, you can reset your talents and regain all your talent points. We encourage you to experiment with different talent schools and discover new possibilities with your heroes!

Recommended Signet Rings for Heroes (Part 1)

  • Lineup: Princess & Swordsmen: Early Stage
  • Unit Type: Swordsmen
  • Specialties: Warrior, Early-stage, Double Attack
  • Scenario: Early stage

Brief Idea: With Josephine as the core hero, this lineup is suitable for early-stage players for its relatively strong heroes who can be easily obtained.

Slot 1: Josephine – Ring of Lion

The signet ring skill Heroic Lineage can increase the hero’s might, strategy, and armor by 40 + 2.5Rank. Simple but effective.

Slot 2: Harald III – Ring of Night Wolf

The signet ring skill Ablaze Spirit can increase the damage of all your heroes’ normal attacks and secondary strike skills by 20% + 1.25%Rank (might bonus) and reduces their armor by 30 for 3s every time when your troop deals 9 normal attacks.

Slot 3: King David – Ring of Bear

The signet ring skill All Out can reduces all your heroes’ armor by 20 and increases the commander’s might by 80 + 3*Rank.

Recommended Signet Rings for Heroes (Part 2)

  • Lineup: Heroines & Archers: Beginner’s Choice
  • Unit Type: Archers
  • Specialties: Warrior, Early-stage, Double Attack
  • Scenario: Skirmish & Rally

Brief Idea: A secondary strike-featured lineup with Hua Mulan as the core hero. The three heroes cooperate to maximize the activation frequency of secondary strike skills.

Slot 1: Hua Mulan – Ring of Bear

The signet ring skill All Out can reduce all your heroes’ armor by 20 and increase the commander’s might by 80 + 3Rank.

Slot 2: Rani Durgavati – Ring of Night Wolf

The signet ring skill Ablaze Spirit can increase the damage of all your heroes’ normal attacks and secondary strike skills by 20% + 1.25%Rank (might bonus) and reduces their armor by 30 for 3s every time, when your troop deals 9 normal attacks.

Slot 3: Josephine – Ring of Deer

The signet ring skill Coercion can reduce a random enemy hero’s damage by 15% + 1%Rank and increase one of your heroes’ damage by 15% + 1%Rank.

Buildings Tips

About Citadel Buildings

Buildings are essential to the development of your citadel. Each building has a different function and boosts your development in different ways.

Check the details below:

  • Town Center: The symbol of your citadel’s development. Upgrade it to increase the max level of other buildings.
  • City Walls: Garrison heroes on the city walls to protect your citadel.
  • Tavern: Recruit heroes here.
  • Hospital: Heal wounded units here, but not to exceed its capacity.
  • Swordsmen Barracks: Barracks for training swordsmen. Upgrade the building to empower swordsmen to eliminate more enemy units in battles.
  • Pikemen Barracks: Barracks for training pikemen. Upgrade the building to empower pikemen to eliminate more enemy units in battles.
  • Stable: Barracks for training cavalry. Upgrade the building to empower cavalry to empower more enemy units in battles.
  • Parade Ground: Units trained at barracks are garrisoned here.
  • Mill: Villagers work here to produce food. Build mills to unlock more farms.
  • Farm: Farms herald a good harvest.
  • Lumber Camp: Villagers work here to produce wood.
  • Quarry: Villagers work here to produce stone.
  • Gold Mine: Villagers work here to produce gold.
  • House: Increases the villager capacity and produces copper.
  • Warehouse: Upgrade to increase the protection limit of all resources.
  • University: Research technologies here to gain powerful attribute bonuses.
  • Monument: You can read info about Milestones here.
  • Bulletin Board: View up-to-date game news.
  • Watch Tower: The higher the watch tower’s level, the more scouts you can dispatch.
  • Dock: Build the dock to unlock fishing.
  • Guard Tower: Deals damage to enemies attacking the citadel.
  • Castle: The towering castle bears witness to your glory.

Why should I upgrade buildings?

Building upgrade provides your citadel with more bonuses. See the details below:

  • Upgrade the town center to increase troop unit capacity and unlock more hero slots.
  • Upgrade the city walls to increase the city walls’ durability.
  • Upgrade the tavern to increase hero level limit and free recruitment cooldown.
  • Upgrade the hospital to increase the hospital’s capacity and healing speed.
  • Upgrade the swordsman barracks to increase all unit types’ training speed and swordsmen training quantity.
  • Upgrading the pikeman barracks to increase all unit types’ training speed and pikemen training quantity.
  • Upgraded the stable to increase all unit types’ training speed and cavalry training quantity.
  • Upgrade the archery range to increase all unit types’ training speed and archers training quantity.
  • Upgrade mills to increase hourly food production and farm limit.
  • Upgrade farms increase hourly food production.
  • Upgrade lumber camps to increase hourly wood production.
  • Upgrade quarries to increase hourly stone production.
  • Upgrade gold mines to increase hourly gold production.
  • Upgrade houses to increase villager capacity.
  • Upgrade the warehouse to increase the protection limit of all resources.
  • Upgrade the university to increase tech research speed.
  • Upgrade watch towers to increase scout marching speed and scout quantity.
  • Upgrade guard towers to increase guard towers’ attack.

How to move buildings?

Here are the steps to move buildings in your citadel:

  • Tap on the building that you would like to move, then tap on “Move” in the menu.
  • Move your camera to a suitable empty land in your citadel, then drag the building to the target location.
  • Confirm if the land is ok for placing the building (all land tiles must be green, while red indicates obstacles), then tap on “Confirm” to complete the movement.

Note that some buildings cannot be moved, such as the monument, bulletin board, and parade ground.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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