Dark and Darker – Best 3 Man Squad (Playtest)

Guide to Best 3 Man Squad

Best 3 Man Team

  1. Fighter (Bow/Sword and Shield)
  2. Cleric
  3. Rogue


  1. Weapon Mastery to wield bows
  2. Defence Expert for a 10% increase of armour
  3. Barricade to gain a temp 5% buff to armour when shielding

Fighter and team fights with distance if possible both PVE and PVP, when the gap closes switch to sword and shield and chug whatever protection ♥♥♥ you have on you, then proceed to ♥♥♥ on anything in your path whilst the rogue flanks behind and kills their support whilst your own cleric heals you and slows the enemy. If the enemy runs use your sprint skill to catch up and slaughter any remaining survivors.

After looting up like a glorified suck and blow hoover use your second wind skill to heal whilst the cleric uses whatever heals they left on themselves or the rogue, after witnessing everyone getting clapped by the wraith, proceed to 2nd floor or leave.

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