Dark and Darker – Warlock FAQ (with Tips)

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Acronyms

  • BoC = Blow of Corruption
  • CoP = Curse of Pain
  • CoW = Curse of Weakness
  • PoS = Power of Sacrifice
  • ES = Eldritch Shield
  • BSB = Bloodstained Blade
  • ST = Shadow Touch

Does Blow of Corruption work with Soul Collector?

No, Blow of Corruption is Evil magic damage.

Does Soul Collector / Dark Shards boost Dark Reflection Damage?

Yes, but the shards are consumed.

Does Ray of Darkness’s full channel get boosted by Dark Shards?


Does Vampirism boost Life Drain?

Yes, Vampirism buffs the healing of all magical healing sources, including potions and Life Drain.

Does Magical Healing buff Life Drain?

No, Life Drain healing is increased by damage, but can be increased with the Vampirism perk.

What are some good perks for starting out?

Dark Reflection, Soul Collector, Anti-Magic, Vampirism

Does Anti-Magic show on the stat page?

No, it’s added after and is not shown.

How do I tell how much damage my Dark Reflection is doing?

The damage will be equal to your Curse of Pain initial hit before other bonuses such as Dark Shards

What stats do I want to generally build?

Knowledge, Add Magic Damage/True Magic Damage, Max Health, Movespeed

Why not magical power?

Low base damage spells such as Curse of Pain scale better with Add Magic Damage/True Magic Damage

Should I use Curse Mastery?

Curse Mastery will reduce the per tick damage of the DoT of Curse of Pain, but increase the total damage dealt by Power of Sacrifice. The increase in number of ticks will allow you to heal more per cast of either spell when combined with Torture Mastery.

Does my gear transfer into Demon Form?

For the most part. Your weapons and their enchantments do not apply while in Demon Form, while everything else does. You are considered Unarmed while in the form.

Does Shadow Touch scale?

No, neither the damage or healing scales. Vampirism will increase the heal from 3 to 3.6 however.


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Warlock Starting Tips

Warlock Perks: (Torture Mastery) > Malice > Dark Reflection > Antimagic.

Equipment: Falchion since its the cheapest option + Crystal ball (Optimal) but spellboosk okay.

Stats: Magical Healing is king. You want to be a vampiric warlord? Then make this your priority. Even +1 magi healing doubles the current healing you get.

Skills: Spell Memory and Blow of Corruption always (optimal).

For spells, and how they work. You’ll mostly be using curse of pain and hellfire. Curse of pain when applied with torture mastery gives you healing for magic dmg.

Versus Players: Perma aggro vs most.

  • Barb: Play for curses first, drain them a bit and use their slow movespeed then go in with falchion and blow, 9/10 times you win.
  • Fighter: Same as barb but aggro more early. Cast a curse then go in, with blow of corruption you win 9/10.
  • Wizard: Gotta play careful and wear out their spells, always continuously try to push and get curses off to drain the already little HP the inferior class has. 7/10 you win.
  • Bard: Hes an npc bro. push, cast curses you win 10 times out of 10.
  • Cleric: Has a lot of healing to fight and tank you. Drain out his heals with your curses, dont get close if you know he has judgement. 7/10 times you win.
  • Ranger: Your worst nightmare bucko. Unwinnable unless they misplay. If the circle is on your side, use that to hold a choke on where he must go and force him to go into you. 3/10 times you win.

Versus Mobs: Use environment and suck that juice. Get on top of barrels and crates. Skeletons are your best friend. Use stairs to bait out the bosses. Hellfire is very useful for mob clearing, just remember to apply curse of pain before use.

Phantomize Do: Go through axe traps, doesnt activate traps, phase through arrows,mobs and players, gives priority to portal if you are inside. Added — (Thanah): can free from ranger traps.

Best Warlock Passive: Free Red Potion.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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