Demons Roots – Complete Chapter 5 Guide

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Chapter 5

You have access to 5 allies – Polca, Ange, Kalinka, Sarasa and Lily.

North from you is church with a healing, south is minor consumables.

  • For main progress you need to go all the way north.
  • But first go into east building. there are shield stands with mithril/force shields.
  • There is also miniboss on top of the building and a chest with crystal armor behind it.
  • You will get blocked by a barrier so visit the west watchtower.
  • It also has 2 shield stands.
  • Press the lever to remove barrier.

Before entering castle – west/east from it are chests. West one has an evasion necklace.

  • Inside the castle – there is nothing to do until you reach the throne room so just keep heading north.
  • Once you can move after cutscenes in throne room – grab 2 red chests nearby for 2 crystal helmets.
  • East wall from the throne has a SECRET passage you can walk through.
  • To the south are 2 chests. Between them is a cracked wall which reveals 3rd chest and yields ACHIEVEMENT.
  • Also yields incredibly good defensive armor piece – I would say It’s probably worth replacing the bikini armor for since It’s only 5% evasion.
  • As you leave the throne room – Mebius will split from your party.
  • Talk to him to change his equipment. I recommend equipping him with gear you grabbed along the way – the crystal stuff gives massive defense and lacking evasion doesn”t really matter as you wouldn”t really dodge with Mebius anyway.
  • For accessory slots – x2 empire cloaks are good enough. This will likely bring your defenses to ~500+.
  • I also recommend feeding him books.
  • Your main party goes into the western hall.
  • 1st room there has a crystal armor.
  • 2nd has healing point.
  • All other doors aside of last one are locked. Last one gives spirit soul stone.
  • Once inside next area – your main goal is north BUT go into sewers first to the west.
  • You will be inside the place I told you to remember.
  • East wall from you has a secret path forward.
  • Fight the “strong enemy” you previously skipped.
  • It’s a boss and It’s main trick is that it will get stronger if you slay slimes around it. So simply ignore those and focus on single target attacking the boss.
  • Beating it yields ACHIEVEMENT and 2 stat boosts behind it.
  • Head back and into the world tree now.
  • Inside first area simply head south.
  • 2nd area has a golden urn with stat boost.
  • Enter cave/3rd area.
  • 3rd area has a secret place with ACHIEVEMENT.
  • Once you reach northernmost point of it – the wall in the middle should lead north into a secret room.
  • This also yields an armor similar to dark armor from other achievement. The only difference is It’s 50% light damage decrease instead of dark.
  • It’s useless for now but for hardest optional fights it will be a must for Ange.
  • Continue into 4th area. It has golden urn with stat boost at start.
  • 4th area eventually leads back into 3rd area centre which leads into 5th area.
  • Inside 5th area go west first.
  • Golden urn with stat boost along the way.
  • Go inside the cave – there will be another stat boost along the way and an assault drone chest at the end.
  • Assault drone is THE best accessory.
  • It’s kinda an onion cape with +40 atk on top of it.
  • I recommend lily using assault drone/turbo arm and kalinka using sage glove/onion cape.
  • Backtrack all the way to where you entered 5th area. Go down this time.
  • Head east across the bridge – first climb the vine south to get a stat boost urn.
  • Climb the vine back up and proceed further east and north through the darkness to get Mana Armor – not too great.
  • Backtrack to the road split. West is dead end with nothing so only south remains.
  • Nothing noteworthy until you reach the next road split which has a golden urn with stat boost nearby.
  • This is actually not a road split however – the only way to go on is west.
  • As you climb the ladder up to the north you might notice a chest nearby.
  • The main path further is leading south BUT there is a slightly hidden “bridge” to the west – use it first.
  • It’s a narrow road leading to “powerful enemy”.
  • It’s a boss which grants ACHIEVEMENT and a superb accessory for Sarasa which allows you to use a better staff on her due to MP regen. It also gives her holy magic she otherwise doesn”t have.
  • Boss is not particularly strong but it does have one move which will guarantee kill 1 target unless you evade it.
  • Boss also has 2 stat urns behind it.

There are no more secrets – It’s a straight road to game finale from now on consisting of only bosses/scenes.

  • Go into final area to the south. There is a healing point you can use which is where boss fights start.
  • Make sure you set your party correctly as you won”t have chance to swap it.
  • Your FIRST SLOT however will be replaced with Polca unless you have her. So you kinda are forced to use her instead of Naj… not a big deal.
  • You start with a Mebius fighting Kudan. Change equipment if you didn”t yet.
  • Kudan is pretty strong.
  • Upkeep atk/matk debuffs from Monsoon on him. Reapply if he does his offensive buff which cancels the debuff.
  • Aside of that – use consumables to not die and you will be fine.
  • Eventually you will enter second phase which should be pretty easy.
  • Next boss is with main party.
  • It has 7 phases but it should have weakness to basic attacks from both Lily and Kalinka…
  • Which makes it at most like 1-2 turns per phase and super easy.
  • After this are some cutscenes and eventually 3 more fights.
  • First is super easy.
  • Lily will join in 2nd fight and carry it for you.
  • 3rd is somewhat challenging but nothing problematic – use carnivorous/ultimate when HP allows and full heal when needed.
  • Game finishes after that but there is still unique content in NG+.

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