Demons Roots – Complete Chapter 4 Guide

Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Chapter 4 Start

After you are free to move – head to estate. Talk with FUH after cutscenes end to get a skill which allows you to return to estate from almost anywhere for 10 spirit stones.

For now you are forced into continuing story by heading to world map.

  • Once inside Kumin – go into NE corner inn first. Check shelves for some books and 30k.
  • Then go west from the innkeeper into secret passage which has stat boost.
  • While you could explore the rest of the city – there is nothing important left.
  • To continue talk with 3 NPCs who have “dialogue bubble” in initial area and the path will open up NW.
  • Najezta perma joins you.
  • Your party will be looking pretty weird now…
  • I recommend to finally make use of ammo you have been saving up.
  • So a party of Najezta/Kalinka/Sarasa/Diana.

The helmet on Mebius is pretty nice to make Kalinka even more glass cannon.

To reach the dungeon you need – go west from initial area of the city..

You want to use thunder against the enemies here.

  • There are 2 “mini stairs” to west/east.
  • You need west one to get a special key which also gives you ACHIEVEMENT.
  • East one and main north stairs lead into essentially same area if you have the key.

Once on 2F – visit the SE corner ladder first to get a chest with a ring then proceed to 3F via main stairs.

Once on 3F you will be back to Polca.

There will be some “questions” you can do correctly for a spirit soul stone if you want to:

  1. Pick “you have to get proper rest” with one of the boys.
  2. Interact with treasure chest but do NOT open it.
  3. Pick “that price sounds suspicious”.

Keep progressing and we will be back to the other party eventually. Before you progress take the chests behind you, one of them has sword necklace which is pretty decent atk accessory.

Proceed to floor 4 of the tower

  • On floor 4 as you go along the path – door south is locked for now.
  • Take the ladder in NE corner which leads you to a miniboss(lots of HP, weak to thunder) and eventually a chest with weapon for Mebius.
  • It’s thunder element weapon so I recommend to use Mebius now instead of Najezta.

Floor 5 has a chest with crown you can get along the way. The guard near northern stairs will give you spirit soul stone if you talk to him.

Proceed to floor 6

On floor 6 you will want to kill the miniboss behind middle gate since he drops a key. You can attack him from behind.

With this key you can:

  1. Open door to the west with a bit loot.
  2. Open door on the west of floor 5 for tiara equip.
  3. Open door on the west of floor 4 for new Diana skill + ACHIEVEMENT.

It’s a pretty good skill which does not cost ammo and has chance to burn. All the “HP degeneration” skills are quite neat in this game since a lot work even on strong bosses.

  • Once done – go through remainiing door on floor 6 to get to 7.
  • There is healing point and you will face a boss.
  • Boss is not much stronger than when you faced him as Polca in end of chapter 3.
  • You might need a healer though, so I would swap in Naje instead of Mebius for this one.

Meanwhile Polca and Lily are having quality time together. Lots of cutscenes happen and eventually you are returning to get Ange back into your party.

  • You end up in estate eventually.
  • Make your way back to castle for now.
  • Cutscenes commence and you are free to move around.

Inside the castle you can now access room behind the throne. It’s the iconic place from King Exit. But there is only chest with spirit soul stone there now.

You can also visit farm for a scene with Ange but It’s fully optional.

Once you go to world map – you will see a lot of content opened up.

Technically we can tackle most of it now, but I think It’s more reasonable to get the final character since she is only 2 big quest chains away not to waste her exp since she is among best party members.

Let us go to invade 3rd Empire

Your goal is in NW corner, but there are a few things to do first:

  1. From where you start – go east across bridge and immediately go south for a hidden passage leading to stat boost item.
  2. Before you actually enter castle in NW corner – visit a ladder down close by to SW from it. Barrel there has muddy ring.

There are some more things but everything else is minor – continue into the castle.

You will be stuck inside the castle with no equipment and have to recover it. Make sure you swap back to usual party as it will be messed up.

Some rooms have “portraits” which make a ladder show up to actually exit the room. Try to interact with all objects, rooms are small and it might give you some items to use along the way.

Rats can be won against pretty easily with a single thunder AoE. Despite game telling you to avoid “red eye” enemies – they are actually easy to kill but only worth if they lead to some loot, I will mention such places.

  • Inside the first split take path west to some optional loot first. To get out of that room you need to find portrait.
  • Next up go north as that path is also optional room one.
  • If you have to fight red eye enemy: self buff by kalinka into saint attack (light element) should one shot the enemy.
  • Inside that room is a lot of equip and 2 spy enemies. Self buff kalinka and gladius attack + use the thunder spell. One kalinka hit + one thunder spell should usually be enough per enemy.
  • Sarasa has no MP regen so you might want to use her “urgent conversion”.
  • Before you leave this room – there is a Hidden Achievement here. It’s in one of the cracked walls to the south.
  • Once you fully loot northern room – go into the only remaining eastern stairs.
  • This area is pretty big and has a lot of stuff you can loot in the shadows.
  • The most important by far is “diamond” accessory in approximately NE corner. You will see an unlit “fireplace” near darkness which is what you want to interact with.
  • The only way to go further is SE exit.
  • This leads to another split path. You will be able to reach north part without fighting soon so just head south.
  • You will end up in hall area. You are free to loot stuff here but your goal is 2 weapon cases to the north, one of which gives you quest dagger.

With this you can go near SE corner and pull a lever to make 2 staircases appear. Southern one just leads you back from where you entered so go to north one to end up behind the red eyed enemies.

  • You end up in another small corridor.
  • The “dark path” to the east has a hidden urn you can break with a stat boost item in it.
  • Other than that you can only continue further north.

You will drop down to waiting room with a bit loot, just exit south.

You end up in “battle stage” area, here:

  1. South has quest key you need. SW has a chest.
  2. North an ACHIEVEMENT for getting hidden dark gun directly behind the middle of the northern “small wall”. You will have to face north and “interact” to get it.
  3. With key in hand you can open door NW to continue.

There is nothing hidden so just head west into next area once you open the door to continue.

This area has 2 chests behind red eyed enemy. Aside of that continue west. Inside battle stage 2 area there are some chests you can grab including mithril staff which should be nice improve for Sarasa.

  • NE corner is a somewht hard(not too hard if you gathered equipment) miniboss battle.
  • They have no weakness aside of light you can do via Kalinka… or if Sarasa reaches her ultimate – it will obliterate them.
  • Target the left/right ones first as they are squishier.
  • As you get rid of more of them it becomes 0 risk.
  • As you continue – to the south is where you recover your items/equipment.
  • Reequip, likely keeping a few pieces of new equipment.
  • There is also a PASSWORD chest here 7730 which is yet another “ultimate scroll”. Should be our 3rd if you follow the guide.
  • To exit – click portrait to reveal ladder.
  • Once you return – north is the path to actual BOSS.
  • It’s a pretty easy one. I mostly did chimeric seed by Polca and whichever biggest MP AoE you have on Sarasa to deal with small fry while buffed up Kalinka gladius”s the boss.

After that is another battle – technically you can win it with enough damage(likely NG+) but it changes nothing. You only need to wait 5 turns to progress.

Once battle ends – start running south immediately, otherwise you will have to escape battles.

  • You will end up on world map.
  • No reason not to Invade Holy Land Pacius.
  • You can technically walk around town and talk with companions but ultimately you need to head back to inn to progress.
  • The important loot is north from Kalinka – east/west paths above her lead to gold urns with stat boost items.
  • Once you do what you want – head back to inn.
  • Cutscenes happen and eventually you end up outside the temple in the night.
  • You have to enter from NE corner window.
  • Inside the temple – near the south of the area are 2 urns with stat boost items.
  • To the east is a chest with robe.
  • The way to continue is center.
  • You will be trapped with Lily chasing you.
  • The encounter is not hard but deadly to Ange if she is not lucky, a buffed Kalinka with gladius and Sarasa doing Shade skill will quickly win against Lily.
  • After that she disappears for a while.

To interact with some of the objects below you might need to kill Lily first (room needs to not have her to be exact).

Here is the least running walkthrough:

  1. Feel free to grab spirit stones from door you came from but It’s pretty useless so you can skip this.
  2. Your first goal is SE stairs – It’s a linear path with minor loot you can get along the way. Also a hidden path near where the “2 enemies” walk(they are weak) leading to spirit soul stone(meh). Ultimately reach dead end where you will find a key of Admonition in the shelf. It’s one of those where you need to kill Lily before you can check it.
  3. Use home ocarina whenever to get back to where you started, right now is a good moment. Go counterclockwise along main corridor to grab 2 armors to the north along the way and reach NW corner.
  4. Open the door in NW corner with the Admonition Key you got – inside the area you are in: start hugging east wall, while going up – there will be a hidden path leading east to a weapon case with ACHIEVEMENT. Diana gets heavy machine gun skill and Najezta gets machine gun. As you continue – south room has some minor loot and NE door crystal(kill Lily to watch) is your goal to get next key: “Instruction” Key.
  5. Ocarina out and go to NE door in main corridor now.

This path has 4 doors:

  • SW is flamberge weapon.
  • Top room is some books + sword necklace.
  • Middle East is the one you need for model of instruction key.
  • SE room is some minor loot + a crystal you can get to with key above. Kill lily first.

This yields Eternity key.

  1. Ocarina out and take the final SW stairs from main corridor.
  • Enter the last door by using the Eternity key.
  • This area has a SECRET ACHIEVEMENT. In the room with “graves” there is a very long hidden path which starts in souther wall between 2nd/3rd grave.
  • Interact with skeleton there to get this achieve + vorpal dagger. Backtrack to main room now.
  • There is a lot of different equip you can grab in this area but nothing too important.
  • Your ultimate goal is key from NE corner and door for that key in SW corner with another “orb”.
  • This will start cutscenes ultimately leading you into a “limited time area”
  • It can’t be revisited and has one very good equipment piece, but it shouldn”t be a problem if you follow guide.
  • Since this equip piece is the only noteworthy thing in the whole place – I will simply leave a small walkthrough which includes it:
  1. You start as a plant – this part is linear and lasts for a long while, just move on with the story until you see 10 minute timer.
    Save game just in case. Timer is paused when opening menu.
    Any battle is a waste of time, avoid them if possible.
  2. Progress linearly until split – if you go north you can find 3 chests, 1 has crystal tiara.
    Now go approx to SE corner, talk with Diana along the way and teach a farmer near the garden about farming.
    This is important to get one of the best equip pieces later in the game.
  3. Go SW from where you are to find Kalinka.
    Above kalinka is the hidden important weapon I mentioned – It’s inside the small wall where she is standing. You can enter it from the west side.
  4. Now go to approx SW corner of the map to fin Sarasa.
  5. From Sarasa head NW to find Ange in a dead end.
  6. Go to NE corner approx now – south/west from it is a house you can enter with backdoor to reach Mebius.
  7. From this house head east and then south/east between houses to find Najezta.

A mini cutscene should happen if you talked with everyone, that means you are done.

  • Now go south where Kalinka was and exit village.
  • There will be a scene where you bury “treasure” – this is actually the way to “recover” the items you got in this “memory”, it won”t happen “passively”.
  • I will remind you in the future when we can do so.
  • Once you play as “princess” – simply claim the “shining dot” and climb up the vines.
  • You will fight against “white phantom” – you can’t win this one, so just lose.
  • You now fight as Polca against the dolls.
  • It’s semi scripted fight where you can’t really lose – you got a new “Apostle” line of skills you can use to speed this up.
  • After a long set of scenes – you get one of the strongest characters to join you.
  • She starts level 1 and is the last character to join you, feed her some some books(don’t feed beyond your lowest character level, Mebius will be hardest to gain levels on and the one whom you want your books on if you want characters more or less equal leveled)
  • Her usual physical damager kit + bleed/poison but is now also paired with a debuff skill kit.
  • Basically she can now not only be a damage dealer when you want to burst but also a stat debuffer when you want to weaken your enemy as much as possible.
  • Her ultimate is a debuff to all stats for 3 turns.
  • You also got “Sage Glove” accessory from previous boss fight – It’s a +20% atk one.
  • I would recommend turbo arm/sage glove on kalinka since she has higher atk value.
  • Instead use sword necklaces on Lily since she has lower one.

Teleport to castle to continue story

  • As you leave the castle – you will get an insight on how to change “Polca”.
  • Apostle form is damage oriented, generic form is heal oriented.
  • It can be done even inside battle and it doesn”t spend a turn.
  • Her Max HP and agility is higher in Apostle form. She also recovers 5% TP each turn in Apostle form.
  • Nothing else is changed.
  • HP/agility are honestly kinda pointless since you aren”t supposed to take damage on anyone but Ange. TP regen is neat but not too big a deal.
  • Being able to heal when needed and…

From now on my overall party recommendation is:

  • Polca(Apostle)/Lily/Kalinka/Sarasa for max damage potential in random encounters.
  • Sarasa in particular is godly in random encounters.

Boss encounters are usually Polca or Naj/Ange/Lily/Kalinka

  • On harder bosses It’s simply not viable enough to not include Ange.
  • You can’t really beat potential damage of Kalinka/Lily with any other character.
  • This leaves only 1 variable slot… Healer/Buffer makes most sense. So Polca/Naj.
  • Naj with his crit buff and high chance slip ultimate is generally the better option IMO.
  • But Polca has her apostle form which is stronger individually.

There is A LOT of optional content we can tackle now since we have all characters finally. This will take many hours if you want to do everything.

As usual – all optional content is not required and you are free to progress with main story if you really want to.

Optional content/H scenes/EX dungeons

Hot springs and Marketplace now have all possible interactions there, It’s only random dialogues though.

  • BEFORE we visit anywhere – go to farm and talk to old man near vegetable box. He will give you a luxury hotel ticket.
  • This allows you to stay in the 1 million hotel of Plana for free.
  • Feel free to visit it whenever, you will get some loot and a cutscene.

First step is pretty optional: Tortas city armor shop – this is simply to transform your unidentified rings if you want to.

Now onto Rooklook revisit:

  • Enter back into academy to trigger a cutscene.
  • You can interact with flying demon afterwards to save a teleportation spot.

Now go east – you will be shown where the EX dungeon is(punishment room).
Before we go there however – go visit NE big door to start a 3 minute timer for usual H scene kidnapping.
Use ocarina to get back to entrance now.

Now enter the punishment room/EX dungeon. Don’t forget you can use Ghillie suit in the EX dungeons to reduce encounter rate.

First western classroom has a secret “cracked wall” in SW corner with jeweled helm beyond it.

NE classroom of the dungeon has chest with equip piece and stat boost item. To reach that classroom you need to go east from It’s “blocked entrance” inside the wall and along the hidden path.

Classroom below the NE one has Tiara in the chest.

Classroom south from previous has a hidden passage to the west towards the golden urn.

Go even further south into next area for a stat boost item + punishment room key.

  • Now backtrack all the way back to entrance and go to SE corner.
  • BEFORE you enter the area with the boss – the classroom to the west before it has a hard to see urn with stat boost item. The urn is behind the pillar directly south of entrance to classroom.
  • Now go to next area to start Boss..
  • It’s very easy by now, just add Ange to tank. Dark/human weakness.
  • The staff in the chest is more powerful than secret staff but has no mana regen.

Use ocarina to get out.

Next let us visit Maximus library

Here we only want to see the kidnapping scene for Najezta, there is nothing else.

  • To do that – make your way all the way south to entrance of the prison.
  • To the west of the prison is a flying demon you can use to open teleportation place by the way.
  • Enter prison, wait 3 minutes, use ocarina and go visit the demon I mentioned to get out.

Onto Mark 6

Keep heading all the way east for an event to happen.

Once cutscene is over – head south to get into EX dungeon.

Stuff is weak to thunder here.

Go through first 3 teleportations to reach a disable for “lasers”. Go 2 teleports back and now you can continue west.

There is a north/south teleport choice now. Go north first since It’s dead end with some loot including stat boost.

  • Keep going linearly now.
  • Once you reach the green door – you are about to face Boss.
  • They are 5 human enemies, pretty weak by now. Only human is their weakness.

Feel free to talk with them afterwards, make sure to talk to yellow at least for a key.

This is it for this dungeon, but there is more to Mark 6.

Use ocarina to get out of the ex dungeon, this time continue east and then south to reach storage room and then west into the room with teleports.

Instead of wasting 3 minutes this time – head to the westernmost teleport. After that go into the next one… Now go into the closest/eastern one. This will lead you into small room with an NPC who will give you Dragon Penis 5/7.

You should have them all now. Lily/Polca don’t have them.

After you get teleported via H scene – go to eastern green door to reach flying demon teleportation point unlock.

Western door has a boss we don’t want to face yet. It’s not as hard as ultra beast and you might be able to handle it, but I will leave it for later for it not to be too challenging for some people.

  • Now that we have all characters and all kidnapping scenes done It’s good time to enter Doremi Fckingdom and wrap up all H scenes there.
  • You can also buy some good stuff, I in particular recommend the 2.5k currency whip for random encounters.
  • Red Straw rope is a very solid +atk accessory too, direct improvement to sword necklace, albeit attack is the same.

To unlock all scenes in doremi all you have to do is:

  1. Visit the virgin place to the north – it has a total of 5 unique scenes.
  2. Visit each girl “gacha”. By now each girl is non virgin so you can have 6 gachas in total each.
  • If after saving the game you got all scenes between the first doremi visit and “classroom SSR” of Lily then you are fully done with doremi (minus potential item purchases).
  • But you likely already got all secret weapons and all but 1 password chests are opened(we will visit last one soon) so you don’t need any of the “hints”.
  • I also never assume you “weaken” special monsters.

Time to revisit Orphe land now

  • Go north into next area.
  • In this area go to SE corner for an NPC who gives you dragon penis 6/7.
  • Go north from this NPC into Orphe City.
  • Talk with flyng demon to unlock teleportation.

Now go inside the watchtower directly north to end up in 1F

  • Go to NE stairs to reach 2F.
  • Now go east and then south between the cannons to reach into an area outside the castle.
  • It has an urn which gives you an ACHIEVEMENT.
  • That’s it here, use ocarina and get out.

This time head to Kumin

  • First visit the locked NW house – this gives ACHIEVEMENT and dragon penis 7/7 – we will be able to use them soon.
  • The house just east nearby has some loot.

From the house head east to reach the central square for the final 4th event with Bohelos monument.

Now go SE into the “education center”. Reach the very end of it for an urn with stat boost item. Use Ocarina to get out.

Now go SW into radiant tower dungeon. Head straight north inside it – remember the chest in vines?

  • Well, It’s that chest you once buried in the memory of Lily”s past. You can open it now to get all items you got back then.
  • Crystal tiara is NOT boosting dark damage by the way, It’s increasing damage you TAKE from it by 50%. And reducing damage you take from crystal by 20%.
  • Heaven”s Claws can be equipped on Kalinka making her a basic attack beast with +2 basic attacks. Should wipe out most random enemies.
  • If that was not enough – It’s light+dark element which means if EITHER is a weakness then you will deal increased damage. You only use your “best” element for damage purposes.

You can technically reach top of tower to open teleportation point but It’s useless since we got everything in tower already.

Let us revisit the Holy Land Pacius now

  • A cutscene will happen.
  • Go inside the inn and in the room there will be final 4th “password” chest – 8511
  • Now go towards church but stop when you see a painter NPC with a dialogue bubble.
  • He will paint Lily/Polca for 100k(but money won”t actually be taken) which is a CG. It’s a non H CG/event and is the very last in gallery.
  • This is all we will do in this city. We don’t go for EX dungeon because it removes “bad end mode” entirely from the game.
  • Even if we do bad mode now – there is still 1 scene we will miss as It’s limited to a bit later into the story.

There is a flying demon near the “broken window” of the church if you want to travel a bit less next time we visit for EX dungeon.

Time to go to Kingdom of the Apes

After cutscenes – talk to the guy in the hut.

  • He will send us to Doremi. Go there and into the costume shop (It’s near item shop/building east of it).
  • This is why we needed 7 dragon penises. If you are lacking some – you probably missed one from the guide. But you can always go hunt them from “ultra beast” land, there are smaller dragons there which you should be able to take down by now easily who drop the penises.
  • If you really want to however – sell the dragon penises and buy this for 70k coins instead… It’s super long gacha grind and imo not worth it but gives you an unique photo item if you do it this way.
  • If you want to skip the annoying gacha repeat hell but still get it and don’t mind cheating a bit then use the following website to edit your save file and add enough coins.
  • Once you upload your save file – click file unpack and ctrl+f number of coins you currently have to find the value which you need to edit into 70000 – it was item number 50 for me.
  • Save files are located in game folder > www > save
  • With medicine in hand go back to the hut.
  • You won”t be able to use Mebius but not like we need him.
  • And don’t worry – Lily despite being naked will still have equipment just fine like everyone else.
  • You can earn MASSIVE amount of exp here very easily.
  • Remove Ghillie suit as It’s arguably best exp grind place in the game anyway.
  • NW corner of the map has a stat boost item inside urn.
  • Go south from it to reach a chest with jeweled helm.
  • Memorize this place since if you go west from here – you will reach next area/hot springs/boss.
  • Now head south from chest to reach the 2 golden urns with stat boost items.
  • Head back to chest.
  • If you go east now – there are 2 path south/north. South leads to a hut which is closed for now.
  • If you continue north and then SE you will reach a hut where you can heal up. Go further south for a 2handed weapon you already had.
  • That’s all there is in this area of Ape dungeon. Go back to chest and this time go west to continue into hot springs area.
  • It’s NOT instantly boss.
  • At first SW corner has an urn with stat boost and NE(not fully N however) has urn with spirit soul stone.

Boss is pretty weak – fire/human is the weakness. He can also get bleeding/poison.

Boss drops a helm we want to equip on Ange. It does not have HP regen but has massively better defensive stats and element resists.. and you already have a bit HP regen from shield anyway.

  • Once you defeat boss – go NE first to open chest and get ACHIEVEMENT.
  • Now go back talk with the monkey king and enter hot spring for a CG.
  • This also gives the same TP regen effect as your estate hot spring.
  • You can also rechallenge the king for no exp but a giga book(20k exp) + tera book(66666 exp) + spirit stone instead
  • Kinda decent if only one of your allies is far behind others…
  • This becomes important since you are grinding this place WITHOUT the Mebius which means he is not getting any exp.
  • You can eventually kill the king pretty fast and catch up on his levels separately via books.
  • That’s all that this area has to offer for now.
  • You can use the monkeys to travel between hot springs and entrance quite easily.
  • I would probably stay and grind until your lowest character lvl is ~60.
  • Once you visit the world map – you will get one more achievement for conquering apes.
  • You can reenter their land naked any time by the way.

With that we are done with almost everything available.

The only thing that remains is Bad End Mode

Visit Shingana if you don’t want to bother with losing a fight. The surrender room is NW from the entrance if you forgot.

I will explain how to get all scenes for bad end mode:

  1. One unique scene becomes instantly unlocked because you visited the thing with enough allies unlocked.
  2. There are 3 unique scenes in the area before the actual “dungeon” by talking to some NPCs there, simply run around, those are hard to miss. It has scenes for Ange, Kalinka and Najezta
  3. Write the name of each prisoner(simply go one by one to get them all/not mix em up) and go die via guarding against the very first monster. It’s a long and annoying process.
  4. Fully complete the bad mode once and grab all red sphere CGs. Don’t talk with anyone before this run otherwise it can mess with the order of your girls. You ideally want lily/polca in your “starting team”.
  5. Final scene is NOT achievable yet – for that one you will need to “write a random number” instead of adding any of the names. This can be done a bit later into the story, I will mention when.

To actually beat 20 floors:

  • Once you are done with the bad end mode – revisit the Bohelos Estate and go to marketplace and interact with doll to claim reward for full clear from the bad end mode completion.
  • You will first read the letter and then go behind the bear to grab a ring.
  • It is “Savior”s Ring” accessory – it has okay”ish atk/matk and gives TP charge rate x1.2

This concludes the optional content and with this you should only be missing one optional scene inside the bad end mode we will soon get.

Chapter 4 Continued

Time to go to 3rd Empire

Before you go anywhere – head East into another area.

Remember how we spoke with farmer in the memory? This is the result of our efforts. Grab the chest to get one of most powerful accessories in the game – Onion cape which gives +1 basic attack.

I recommend to change top tier accessories this way:

  • Kalinka – turbo arm + sage glove.
  • Lily – equip best whip with her + onion cape + red straw rope.
  • Ange – lapis lazuli + battle princes necklace.
  • Onion cape with whip attacks is very powerful for random encounter clear speed.
  • If you equip 2nd best whip on Polca and use some AoE with Sarasa(I recommend Hail for fast animation) – It’s likely that no random encounter will survive a turn.
  • Kalinka covers any strong “single” enemies with her heaven claw.

Regardless – let us head into the castle now. Use boat to enter waterway now.

  • In this dungeon everything is weak to thunder.
  • If you encounter lonely “slime” – this will lead into a miniboss fight, so use the turn to buff up with units who can do some buff.
  • Not sure if this miniboss gives anything good, didn”t manage to make him drop anything interesting, so I doubt it.

Your only real goal is going all the way north to the boss.

But there are a few things you can do:

  1. ACHIEVEMENT you can get for killing 6 enemy groups and returning to guard not far from entrance.
  2. SE corner has an equip piece.
  3. If you go to NW corner and head south – you can activate teleporter.

The path with 2 teleporters leads south into a Diamond you can grab. This allows you to have 2 diamonds on Sarasa, kinda neat. The very center of the map has room with a healing spot and dark bow.

  • Finally go north to face the boss. It’s not strong if you use simply use Ange.
  • In the boss fight – everyone is human.
  • Dolls are weak to dark, everyone else is weak to light.
  • If you kill one doll – both will die and 4 soldiers will appear.

Once boss is dead – cutscenes happen and you are back in estate.

There is A LOT of unique dialogue inside the estate, even hot spring dialogue is unique. There is also a bit more outside estate and with remnants in the castle.

This is also the last chance to do any optional content you have left. And this is the moment when we can get final bad end mode scene.

As usual – feel free to skip optional content if you want to.

Final Optional Content rush

Let us start with Shingana and do the final Bad End Scene first.

Simply go inside the dungeon as usual but notice you have option “Write Random Number” – use this option and lose against the first enemy as usual. Now you should have all the optional scenes done.

  • This also means we can now “remove the bad end mode” safely.
  • Go into Holy Land Pacius Temple
  • Talk to the Sage outside the temple first.
  • After that find him inside the temple in NE corner.

Go inside the dungeon via secret path. This dungeon will function approximately same as with Lily chasing you.. but with a monster instead of her this time.

I will give a step by step to minimize time waste:

  • Go into west door and go NW corner to get instruction key.
  • Get out and take the east stairs now.
  • The SE stairs are optional BUT lead you to a stat boost item in the golden urn.
  • In the main corridor you need NE door.
    • You will be in instruction room now.
    • SW door has a key you need.
    • SE door has another key you can get with the key above.
  • Back to main corridor and into NW door this time.
  • Admonishment area.
    • While your goal here is simply the room in the end to the north.
    • There is OPTIONAL thing you can do:
    • Go into the room south of the one you need.
    • It should have 2 “beds”, It’s hard to notice but the lower bed pillow has a key.
    • To use this key go back to where we get the very first key(eternity) and go to SW room there.
    • There are 2 golden urns with one having a stat boost item.
  • Make your way back to Admonishment area, touch the statue.
    • Go down the stairs.
  • You will enter floor 3F of bad end mode, but this time you can actually fight and your goal is 1F instead of 21F.
  • Everything dies to 1 hit here so shouldn”t be a problem.
  • Once you reach 1F – you will see a “giant beast” in SE corner. This is not actually boss, but somewhat miniboss tier.
  • You will then have another even easier fight as you exit the dungeon.
  • You can technically talk with and kill all prison wardens but this does nothing.
  • In the room with the Emperor statue the Boss fight will automatically start.
  • You might recognize it if you got to 21F of bad end before.
  • It’s not particularly strong if you use Ange to tank.
  • The sword you get from this boss is +15% crit/evasion and +1 basic attack.
  • A pretty good weapon for boss fights with Lily.
  • With onion cloak That’s already 3 basic attacks. You can add pleasure to improve her atk further and give her 2 more basic attacks.
  • Along with increased crit chance – this yields approx same damage as kalinka if used as purely basic atk”er.
  • Unless kalinka hits light/dark weakness.

Either way – we are done with all EX dungeons in the game now.

Teleport to Mark 6 Loading Dock We are going to be facing purely boss encounters now, very hard ones at that, so swap to your boss party.

I personally use Ange/Lily/Kalinka/Najezta with following gear:

  • Ange – white silver lace spear, kraken shield, ape crown, bikini armor, lapis lazuli, battle princess neck. She pretty much focuses evasion.
  • Kalinka – heaven claw, dragon buckler, apostle horn(mebius”s helm), body suit, sage”s glove, turbo arm.
  • Lily – Crystal Abyss sword, Dragon buckler, Mushroom Head, Retro robe, Red Straw Rope(doremi), onion cape. Lily/kalinka pretty much glass cannon focus atk/crit values.
  • Najezta – yagrush sword(15% TP regen two handed), all might hat(can remove conditions form Anje in case of ♥♥♥♥), super sexy underwear, savior”s ring, ring of fortune.

Najezta pretty much stacks TP regen and luck (his ultimate should be nearly 100% chance to slip any boss this way, essentially giving you a free turn).


Lily/kalinka upkeep pleasure/mega buster and basic attack.

Lily also does her ulti to upkeep debuff on enemy. I like to do it after Pleasure expires.

Najezta upkeeps his “imperial tactics” and “fish scale formation” and does healing if required and his ultimate if TP allows. Fish scale in particular is MASSIVE crit chance increase.

  • Ange with this equip can easily upkeep wind god shield(and upkeep double def/mdef buff) and the 10% evasion for no TP cost.
  • This means 45% from equip and 30% from skills for a total of 75% evasion at all times.
  • I think there is either some innate evasion or Naj all stat boosts it a bit too, since from my experience dodge chance is more like ~85%.

You have no “revival” on Najezta so if someone dies you have to use enhanced reviver.

Either way – from Mark 6 Loading dock head to SW teleporter. Now go inside the western green door.

  • You will reach your first hard boss. Since we tackle it first It’s also easiest.
  • The strategy ignores any possible weakness the enemy might have.
  • Your main source of damage will be critical hits which will deal like x3-4 damage compared to normal hit.
  • Boss has ~200k HP.
  • Basically unless you get unlucky you should be fine.
  • It however can do a triple turn of full party AoE, ~2-3 hits of which will likely kill Ange… so a bit RNG if it happens.
  • It usually happens some time after dialogue about “sturdy armor”.
  • I personally slipped him and outbursted.

Reward is photon gun, approx on par with goddess whip but for Naj/Diana instead of lily/polca.

Next boss is inside Third Empire

  • You need to go back into waterway – go to NW corner to find an NPC being afraid of something.
  • Go south from him to find a boat.
  • Interacting with it leads to a boss fight.
  • This boss has 350k HP but easily gets poison and bleeding which cause MASSIVE damage to it.
    Prioritize poison/bleed over anything else with Lily.
  • The reward is a high attack sword (but does nothing else so quite meh). There are also 2 Tera books in the bookshelf.

The final optional boss is the Ultra Beast

  • This one has a dedicated area if you forgot.
  • You are free to explore.and your usual boss kill build should handle the small dragons pretty quickly there.
  • I simply did no TP tanking with Ange, basic attacks with Lily/Kalinka and Crit buff spam with Naj.. mostly just so I could hold Z.
  • The boss itself starts immediately when you transition into next area in the NW approx.
  • The ultra beast itself is…
  • Well… It’s 800k HP first and foremost.
  • It’s the strongest boss that is available on first playthrough.
  • BUT bleed/poison works and deals 80k per turn. So lily upkeeps that as priority and basic attack/debuffs him via ultimate as second priority.
  • Be aware that with each time you inflict condition the chance of triggering it again seems to lower. 2 poison triggers was my limit for example, after that 5 turns of trying it did nothing so I just swapped into bleed.
  • Due to this – you might want to equip fortune rings on lily rather than her usual stuff.
  • Also you want to change weapon on Lily to super sludge dagger.
  • The reason is that boss is super resistant to crystal and the Abyss sword will deal 0 damage essentially.
  • Sludge dagger has chance of poison at least while still having +1 attack for TP.

For Naj – high priority becomes casting his ultimate whenever possible just so you keep minimizing chance of getting wiped.

Whatever extra damage you can deal outside of poison is low priority.

  • This one is honestly RNG test. You can equip brother or mother accessory instead of Lapis Lazuli on Ange here to mitigate an RNG failure.
  • The levels don’t really help much, It’s all about hoping boss doesn”t get too lucky with his hits. Average luck should get you through just fine. With buffed Ange/Debuffed boss she can take 2 hits before dying on 3rd. Mother/brother pendant allow you to survive 3rd hit too.
  • I personally managed this with levels 64 (Naj)- 73 (Kalinka).

If you feel behind in levels – go grind some Apes – the level grind is quite fast there, you should be 1 turn killing the whole party before they can do anything in the random encounter setup.

Reward is Ultra Claws…

It’s only +1 attack count and no element BUT has a bit more ATK value and low chance to slip/faint the enemy.

I would generally keep heaven”s claw but It’s useful in some situations.

Assuming you have been following the guide – you should have ALL achievements up to Secret Hot Spring sword completed. As for scenes you should be missing 7 after “Blossom” and 2 after “relaxation”.

If everything matches – good job, the only thing left is to finish the main story for now.

Chapter 4 End

Time to invade Second Empire

Keep going until you are inside the castle and have seen the cutscene there.

Enemies in this dungeon are usually solo or duo – I recommend giving abyss sword to Lily instead of whip. Kalinka and Lily should each kill one this way.

Once inside the castle you will see 2 stairs – both lead into kitchen which is dead end but has a cutscene. Keep going forward until emperor statue which has chest nearby.

Doors to the north of the statue both lead to same dead end with stat boosts in it.

The stairs lead to different places so do the following:

  1. Take west stairs.
  • Instantly head north until the end and east through the wall for a secret path leading to cursed sword.
  • Backtrack and grab chest nearby.
  • West room has a bit ammo but nothing else.
  • Go back to main hall.
  1. Take east stairs this time and go east into the basement.
  • This is technically optional, only garbage loot here.
  1. Go back to previous split and go north this time.
  • You end up in a split of 2 paths: north/south.
  • Go north first and grab dresses among which is princess dress – best offensive chest piece in the game with +15% crit.
  1. Now go all the way south to end up in an area connecting the east/west.
  • There are 2 major chests here 1 of which has Flange – an accessory which is better than sword necklace for flat atk.
  • There are also less important chests to the sides of the area.
  1. Continue through west door and head north to get into library.
  2. Now exit libray and go out through the west path. Keep going until you reach big hall.
  • 2 statues there have imperial capes near them.
  • Technically the boss is north through main door but we can still explore.
  1. Head east into next area and go north here for a miniboss.
  • Kalinka Heaven Claw and Lily Abyss sword will both hit weakness so it will get brutalized very badly.
  • Chest has “imperial key”.
  • To the south are some barrels you can break and some are hidden below wall too but all are random consumables.
  1. Go back into main hall and open southern door there.
  • Grab armor/weapons on stands and press lever. Go down the stairs and use another lever.
  • This is a shortcut to place with kitchen.
  1. Climb back up once and now go a bit north and open the east/west gates in the middle to reach SW part of the area with “Grand Armor” on the stand that you can grab.
  2. Now go back and climb all the way back up to where boss is supposed to be in main hall.
  • Quick swap into boss party since you are about to face one.
  • Unless you have been skipping most of the optional content – all the upcoming bosses shouldn”t be a problem as they pale in comparison to what you already faced.
  • But even without it – most of the key gear was part of main story so shouldn”t be big trouble too.
  • The first fight you simply beat.
  • Second fight ends up as scripted defeat after a few turns.
  • Doesn”t matter that you already wiped the floor with one ultra beast, I guess.
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