Demons Roots – Ultimate New Game+ Guide

Definitive Guide to NG+ Content


  • NG+ starts with allowing you to equip your characters. Keep in mind that lily appearing late means her gear will take until closer to the end of game to access.
  • Diana is kinda neat to have gear on as this means she will start with it.
  • I recommend giving Polca both +basic attack accessories and equipping whip with her.
  • Skip prologue skips the Geo Louise part of the game.
  • This also means you lose a potential 2nd divine dragon hair hat but It’s IMO useless in this game.
  • Unless you miss some prologue achievement – don’t bother with it.

If you are following the guide – the only achievements you miss now are the 2nd playthrough ones.

Before we continue – let me explain what is new

  1. You can basically get all items 2nd time(aside of mebius helmet sadly, he will stick with what you select for his equipment no matter what)… but most stuff is not worth.

Oh, the doremi shop stuff is only purchasable once as well, but It’s not too big a deal.

  1. All content you previously missed can be redone if you want to as well.
  2. Doremi “cloth” shop is now accessable allowing you to purchase looks for your characters.
  3. New optional fights which are also the hardest in the game become available, I will summarize them further below.

Most of which are what you need for the final set of achievements.

My recommendations for 2nd playthrough:

  • Use ctrl+f and search for “stat boost” to see if there is any along the way of main quest, might as well grab them if possible.
  • The only worthy gear copies are IMO:
    • Sage Glove (can’t miss it), Battle princess necklace (defeat emperor when It’s solo Polca vs Emperor in southern continent), Heaven”s Claw (memory near Kalinka), Onion Cape (memory talk to farmer), Princess Dress (2nd empire), Assault Drone.
    • Dark/light armors are kinda okay”ish too.
    • TECHNICALLY you might want 3rd dragon buckler to maximize attack as That’s the only shield with atk.
    • Polca technically becomes a viable basic attacker. I still think Naj buffs are more useful though.
  • Do not bother with EX dungeons – waste of time mostly.
  • Skip dialogues fast by holding ctrl.
  • Ape land is still best grind place to reach 99.
  • Don’t grind before you get Lily obviously.

It shouldn’t take longer than ~5-10 hours to rush only main content.

Tackling all unique NG+ content/achievements in difficulty+access order:

  1. Doremi Outfits – available the earliest.
  • Each character outfit is 500 per and there are 3 types – bad end, doremi and naked.
  • So a total of 3500*3 = 10500 to get them all.
  • There are also unlock requirements but progress requirements are “carried over” – so you should have them all by default if you did optional stuff before.
  1. Once you have diana – go to Bohelos market and interact with weapon case which allows you to purchase final skill for her – Javelin missiles.
  • It costs 200k to buy it and 100k per 1 ammo.
  1. A chest during 3rd empire first visit. After you reach battle stage 1 – proceed to next area. There will be 2 chests blocked by “red eye” monster and a new wooden chest which has Polca blindfolded outfit.
  2. Remember the locked house in the Ape area that I mentioned before? It’s now open and leads to a talk with developer about different stuff, mostly game development + ACHIEVEMENT.
  • BEFORE you tackle everything below – clear everything you want up to right before 2nd empire attack/last free time period.
  • The fights below are among hardest fights in the game.
  • I personally didn”t bother to grind all the way until 99.
    My main party was ~lvl 90 with the except of Naj who was lvl 81 (but his level does not matter as much)
  1. We will start with the easy fight – go to Plana.
  • If you head into colosseum – a BOSS battle with start against Tenka Taihei (character from devs very first RPG).
  • Poison/Bleed do 12k damage per turn each so not really worth applying.
  • He only has ~120k HP and is only weak to “human”.
  • He drops “Tenka Cloth” – a 2 handed glove weapon for Kalinka with +5 basic attacks.
  • It’s attack is exactly same as if you were to equip Heaven claw + Dragon buckler(a small attack boost)
  • Sadly it doesn”t have any element which means It’s not really a big damage increase BUT it allows you to use x2 Sage Glove to reach ~650-700 attack value while still having 6 basic attacks. So you do COMPARABLE damage without it having to be weakness.
  1. The final set of battles happens in Bohelos Estate – the room opposite of hot spring is now open.

You can quit at any time – so don’t worry you won”t be “stuck”.

It’s a good place to level up as well – normal enemies here give ~15k exp and Polca with heaven Claw, Lily with Crystal Abyss sword and Kalinka with Tenka weapon will each kill one enemy before they move.
Ironically Mebius can’t be used/leveled here either however… so not great if you want “everyone” to level 99.

Make sure ange uses light element armor – a lot of enemies and bosses do it here.

Each “restoration” point is a new “teleportation” place so make sure to interact with them once at least.

There are no important “secrets” in this dungeon.

First boss will happen shortly after 2nd restoration node.

  • It’s Samidare +2 fodder enemies. She can pack quite a damage but ultimately as solo opponent shouldn”t pose a trouble.
  • She has 340k HP and takes 34k from poison/bleed. Worth applying once but not worth more than once since chance decreases too sharply and even 1st application is not high chance.
  • My lvl 94 Kalinka with Mega Buster on her and crit dealt ~10k damage per attack for a total of up to 60k per turn if all crit.. and crit chance is very high with princess dress + Naj crit buff.

She drops gold buckler – 15% evasion shield with good stats but no HP regen. Still worth IMO.

  • Next boss fight is in the Throne Room.
  • You will fight against a core party of 4 bosses from King exit.
  • Geo Louise has 450k HP, Knight Arbent has 350k HP, Monk Valu has 320k HP, Magician has 190k HP.
  • Mage has lowest HP so good target.
  • Monk”s main annoyance is buffing so take him down 2nd.
  • Geo Louise has a “Do or Die” so It’s best to leave her for last and don’t touch her too much early on.
  • Naj can slip everyone with very high chance. And nothing really has big damage here.
  • Chance of bleed/poison is super low here so don’t bother.
  • Reward is a dark element 2 handed weapon with MASSIVE atk value… also a few stat boost items.
  • Sadly weapon is kinda useless. Kinda okay to speed up Kudan fight with Mebius.. but That’s it.

The final and hardest battle however is further north.

  • It’s a boss battle against stronger Geo Louise + 2 souls.
  • Each can move twice.
  • Geo Louise has 500k HP, Healing soul has 250k HP and Strike soul has 450k HP.

Geo Louise has a skill which can BYPASS evasion and agro of Ange, not even guarantee evasion works against it.

Despite healing soul having low HP – it hardly does anything. Ironically best strategy is to rush kill Geo Louise.

  • Make sure naj has brother or mother pendant.
  • Due to the loads of evasion penetrations – I recommend Ange also using 1 “brother or mother” necklace.
  • Geo Louise has “ultimate” – there will be an attack dealing ~15k damage to everyone bypassing protection of Ange. It can be dodged but the only reliable way to survive is via 1 HP survive accessories.
  • Your best way to avoid this is slipping enemies as often as possible with Naj while maintaining heavily evade buffed Ange who ulti whenever she can unless Naj is ulti”ing
  • So.. yeah.. best strategy is pretty much poisoning geo louise and then attacking her.
  • As long as you have light armor on Ange – she won”t take much from light magic.

You will very likely have to use a few spirit soul stones.

It all comes down to how lucky you get with taking down Geo Louise basically… it can be super easy or super hard depending on how RNG decides it.

Naj has high chance of disabling the enemy for a turn with his ultimate.

  • Basically keep in mind that Naj and Ange ulti are both essentially 1 turn when your chance to wipe out is very low.
  • Don’t bother with poison more than twice… Even more than once is pretty low chance.

Don’t be afraid to use spirit soul stone just to be safe. Better use it than get wiped out randomly.

  • Once Geo Louise is dead – your chance to lose is nearly 0 as long as you don’t “relax”.
  • Strike soul with very low chance can do 2 very strong AoE skills in a row which is basically the only potential danger. Take it down and you have essentially won.
  • Your reward is a one handed sword with 20% TP regen and dark/light element. Kinda decent for Naj.
  • There is also a chest with unique stat boost consumable which is… simply a combination of all non luck/agi stat boost items.
  1. As you progress main quest and are in the Second Empire – there is unique costume in second empire – Bride dress for Polca.
  • It’s in the same room as Princess Dress.
  1. With the above completed you have technically done HARDEST challenge.

But there is still 1 achievement which requires you to progress main quest until the very last boss.

Once you are at the last “healing point” right before the boss – you will see a “pillar” nearby – interact with it and agree for a harder version of final boss.

  • The boss itself is mostly same but all his phases get “super blessing” which makes them have much higher stats and one new move which ignores the protection of Ange.
  • You are still forced with Polca in 1st slot if you don’t take her, so no Naj.

I would say the fight is a bit easier compared to last fight against Geo Louise in “King” form.

Keep 1 brother/mother necklace on Ange as boss has some nasty big hit moves.

  • Final phase of the battle is the most annoying where a lot of full party wipes will be used.
  • Some spirit soul stone uses might be required.

But on a positive note – final phase is “fast” and it can be retried directly if your RNG fails and you get wiped.

  • It’s full RNG pretty much.. boss can both do nearly nothing or use some full party wipe multiple times in a row to nigh guarantee full party wipe…
  • First turn decides if you win or not usually.

Boss has increased accuracy but can’t bypass evasion so keeping it decreased with “Heavy Metal” of Lily makes you almost guaranteed not to die.

The HP of boss is pretty low however – 2-3 turns of lucky Kalinka hits and a phase is done.

  • Reward is Seven”s Sword – a claw with dark element, +6 basic attacks and atk a bit lower than “heaven claw”/”tenka cloth”.
  • Basically a bit better than Tenka Cloth… or a lot if it hits someone weak to dark.

But there is nothing you can use it for aside of maybe trying some speedrun or something for fun…. since if you were following my guide – you have now completed absolutely everything in the game, congratulations!

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