DREDGE – How to Beat Sea Serpent Gale Cliffs

Do you want to kill this one eye sea monster? Read the tips how to do it below.

Tips to Beat Sea Serpent Gale Cliffs

Unfortunately it cannot be killed.

But if simply outmaneuvering it is proving a bit tricky (highly recommend getting explosives to smash down some shortcuts, as it will not follow you through those paths even if they’re open so you can easily just duck inside a little ways and then wait for it to pass).

There is something later on which can scare it off.

It follows the same path, another advice, go to a dock which is close to his path (there are two close) and wait sleeping until you see the color of the screen turn red, then it is close, stop dreaming and let the sea serpent go. You can either follow from behind to the get max time on whatevr zone you need, ro go to another place when you know it is swiming in other place.

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