Dying Light 2 – How to Enable Dev Menu (Cheats)

The Developer menu, which was left behind in the game files, is re-enabled.

How to Cheat: Developer Menu

How to Install:

  1. Download the file (NexusMods).
  2. Open the zip.
  3. Go into the folder “Dying Light 2 Menu”.
  4. Drag and drop all of the contents into the main Dying Light 2 Folder.
  5. Start the game and when you pause it, the menu will be there.

Video Tutorial:

Is This Bannable?

Most likely not, since the modder also could have given your stuff in the lobby etc. Dying Light 1 was the same. Never banned people!

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  1. Could use a little clarification on destination of the file. Do I have to unpack the pak file? Total noob at this, I apologize

  2. how to remove Inhibitors with dev menu?and edit hp and stamina?i need to lower the number of hp,stamina and Inhibitors

  3. Is there any way to change facility factions? Each time i change the faction in the menu and close it switches back to the original one. Also, is it safe to do or will it break my save? Thanks!

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