Honkai: Star Rail – New Bosses Guide (Update 1.2)

This is a guide for the new bosses in the v1.2 update! This will contain their patterns, tips, locations, etc. This will provide some general tips for the bosses and their patterns.

Phantylia the Undying

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III


  • Bring a Dispel unit such as Pela/Luocha for Phase II/III to dispel the buff used on the lotus when the boss casts “Kalpa Descend” (you can identify this by the lotus that can be weakness broken) to debuff and delay the boss.
  • Bring Shield units to counter the Max Recoverable HP Debuff since it does not affect shields.
  • Utilize the Cloudhymn Roar (R) or AOE to deal with the skill point-sapping plants.

Abundance Sprite: Malefic Ape


  • Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Elixir Seekers
  • Forgotten Hall: The Voyage of Navis Astriger (Stage 3, Stage 5)
  • v1.2 Memory of Chaos: Stage 6, Stage 8
  • Simulated Universe: World 7


  • Bring a Dispel unit such as Pela/Luocha to remove the stacking attack buff.
  • The Malefic Ape targets the last unit to use a skill so keep an eye on the turn order and be mindful of your skill points so you can control the battle.

Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing


  • Forgotten Hall: The Voyage of Navis Astriger (Stage 2)
  • v1.2 Memory of Chaos: Stage 6


  • Yanqing packs a lot of single target damage so taunting units such as Trailblazer are a strong counter.
  • Yanqing summons 4 minions so AOE units such as Jing Yuan, Serval, and even Herta will be strong here since you want to wipe them all out to remove his buff and do some extra damage to him.
  • Yanqing has a very long attack sequence before his ultimate so having a lot of speed here and getting rid of his speed buff means you can potentially end the fight before he gets it.

The Ascended


  • Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Celestial
  • Simulated Universe: World 7
  • Forgotten Hall: The Voyage of Navis Astriger (Stage 6)


  • Resistance is a great sub-stat for support units because every attack from this boss inflicts a debuff or DOT.
  • Cleanse units are another great option to get rid of the DOT and Max Recoverable HP Reduction Debuff.
  • Shields are unaffected by Black Prana’s Snare’s Max Recoverable HP Reduction Debuff so Trailblazer/Gepard are strong counters to this boss.

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