MIR4 – Quest Progress

This guide shows you how to carry out quests that are essential for your character’s growth and tells you the story of Mir 4.

Main Quest

  • Tapping the first item on the list on the top right begins the main quest.

(Completed quests cannot be repeated.)


  • Missions are side quests that you can carry out in addition to the main quest for EXP and various items.
  • There are Field/Elite/Labyrinth/Valley missions, and each mission can be carried out 1 to 3 times.


  • Requests become available when certain requirements are met, and involve tracking down clues and carrying out follow-up quests.
  • Meeting certain requirements in Ginkgo Valley/Bicheon Castle Taphouse unlocks requests.


  • Mysteries are unique chain quests where you unravel interesting cases hidden among the main quest in stages.
  • You can tap the Mystery tab in the Menu to view the status of ongoing and completed Mysteries.
  • You can receive additional rewards for reaching 100% progress.

Auto-Play Quests

  • Auto-play is available for quests, but some gathering/mining related missions cannot be auto-played.

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