Pizza Tower – How to Get P-Ranks

Guide to Get P-Ranks

P-Rank Requirements

P-ranks are only obtainable by:

  • Getting all 3 secrets in a level.
  • Getting the secret item in the level.
  • Doing the second lap.
  • Start a combo and never lose it including while on the second lap.

Note: Currently not sure if points matter but as long as you keep the combo going you should maintain the P-rank until you end the level.

Tips to Keep the Combo Going


Before getting hit by a enemy, press the taunt button and you will be able to parry them. This is mainly useful for enemies that can hurt you like the forknight’s and if you haven’t yet reached top speed.

Super Taunt

If you gotten hit or about to lose your combo and there’s at least 1 enemy on-screen, just use your super taunt to save your combo last second will save from restarting the whole level.

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