Pizza Tower – How to Use Peppino’s Transformations on Any Level

This guide will teach you how to use any transformation on any level using the debug console.

Guide to Use Any Transformations on Any Level

Enabling Debug Mode

First of all, go to library, then pizza tower.

Now, click the gear on the right, then click properties.

On your launch options, write:


Now you can open your game.

Opening The Debug Console

Once your in the game, select a save file, wait for the game to load and press F5.

A little menu on the top should show.

List of Peppino’s Transformations

Peppino has 3 transformation through the levels, here is the list for you to put on the debug console.

  • player_set_state states.normal – Regular.
  • player_set_state states.knightpep – Knight Peppino from Pizzascape.
  • player_set_state states.firemouth – Firemouth Peppino from Oregano Desert.
  • player_set_state states.cheesepep – Cheese Peppino from Oh ♥♥♥♥!

Now just put them in the debug console and your done!

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