Plague Inc: Evolved – Cure Frozen Virus Achievements Guide

A guide how to obtain Ice Find, Snow Way and Freeze Thing Happen.

How to Obtain Cure Frozen Virus Achievements


Start a game on casual difficulty (you can do this on higher difficulties). Choose random starting country, immidiately fund Investigate Outbreaks and Field Operatives. Only this. Only. Now wait for “Experts warn permafrost mining in (country_name) may release pathogenes” event:

Now more waiting for second – DrillZero announces expansion of permafrost mining to (country_name):

And third – DrillZero begins permafrost mining in (country_name):

Event. Save the game. That’s the end of preparation section.

Freeze Things Happen

Certainly easiest one – you just wait for pop-up to appear. You can get Authority and response evolutions but nothing else. After a while, this will appear:

With your achievement.

Snow Way

Load preparation save. Send Field Operatives to DrillZero country. Now (suprise) wait. When you get “DrillZero Site Closed”, immidiately save the game.

It will be useful in Ice Find achievement as well. Now evolve Authority 1, Vaccine Research and Censorship. Again, wait. If you get “(country_name) thwarts censorship” (most of cases), get Fake News. And wait. If Fake News fails, reload. For all the time lost game will award you with:

And your achievement of course.

Ice Find

Load save from Snow Way, and instead of taking Authority and Censorship, get Vaccine Research, Government Partnerships and Outbreak Intelligence Unit. Now (again, suprise) wait, until game rewards you with:

And Ice Find achievement.


Well, you have enough patience to get those 3 previously bugged achievements.

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  1. Thank you dude, I think the developers fixed the achievements with the patch that was released today.

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