Tarisland – Guide to Basics

Quick breakdown of what to expect in the first week of launch. Goes over dailies, reputation, exploration, dungeons, raids, gear, gems, special aptitudes, and empowerment.

Game Overview

By SovietPanda.

This guide covers all the general gameplay you’ll expect to see in the first week and the various methods to improve your character.

Day 1-6 – Level 1-40: What to Expect?

Day 1

  • Level Cap: 20
  • Dungeon Unlock: Library of Chaos
  • Comments: PvP Battlegrounds unlocks at level 20. Universal Hall is unlocked.

Day 2

  • Level Cap: 26
  • Dungeon Unlock: Camp Carlyan
  • Raid Unlock: Shadow Witch (Ancash Invasion)
  • Comments: New Raid Bosses release at 12:00PM local time

Day 3

  • Level Cap: 30
  • Dungeon Unlock: Merfolk Swamp
  • Comments: Dark Invasion unlocks.

Day 4

  • Level Cap: 34
  • Dungeon Unlock: Forest Altar
  • Raid Unlock: Shadow Witch [Elite] (Ancash Invasion)
  • Comments: Universal Hall resets.

Day 5

  • Level Cap: 38
  • Dungeon Unlock: Botanical Garden
  • Comments: World Boss unlocks.

Day 6

  • Level Cap: 40
  • Dungeon Unlock: Arcane Realm 1
  • Raid Unlock: Merfolk King
  • Comments: Dark Invasion resets.



There are two types of dungeons: regular Dungeons and Arcane Realms. Regular Dungeons on Normal Difficulty grant fixed loot (3 items, fixed stats) and have no entry cost. Elite Difficulty has an entry cost and also rewards 3 items, but they do not have fixed stats.

These stats are in green color. You receive 2 new entries daily, and these entries stack up to 6 entries, so you do not need to run your dungeons everyday. 

Arcane Realms

Arcane Realms are modified versions of the original 5 dungeons. What makes them unique is that the monsters scale from Floor 1-10, dealing more damage and having higher HP pools. In addition, they have a random affix that changes daily (On floors 6 and above, they have two random affixes.) Arcane Realm replaces Elite Dungeons at level 40 for loot acquisition, as the loot from Arcane Realm drops gear score 90/100 gear that may have Special Aptitudes. We will discuss this in more detail later.


Each day there are 6 reputation events marked on the map. Completing these rewards you with that region’s reputation which is used to unlock items from the Manual of Destiny Store. These rewards vary from Emblem chests, Inscribed Dust, to cosmetics such as mounts.


Exploring the world of Tarisland is entirely optional. You gain no direct enhancements to your character by exploring. 

However you gain some small amounts of silver, gold, cosmetics, but most importantly, Hollow Specialization points which improves your profession and capability to craft.

Unlock Schedule

Currently Merfolk [Normal] releases on day 5, and each subsequent boss releases 3 days after.


Each day, you must complete 5 Daily Tasks to receive your 6 Activity Rewards. Each task can be rerolled an indefinite number of times, but the first task is fixed, so you must always clear 1 random elite Dungeon or Arcane Realm daily.

Daily Tasks:

  • Complete an Elite Dungeon or Arcane Realm
  • Complete a Reputation Event.
  • Complete a Side Quest.
  • Fish 5 times.
  • Spend 20 Vigor
  • Clear a dungeon with a friend or guildmate.
  • Clear 2 levels of Universal Hall.

In addition, you must complete daily and weekly tasks to gain Manual of Destiny currency which can be used to buy items such as Equipment tokens or Emblem chests. These tasks do not change. You might find that many of these tasks are the same as the tasks to gain Activity Rewards, you do not need to do them twice.

Daily Task:

  • Log in Daily
  • Complete a battleground.
  • Clear an Elite Dungeon or Arcane Realm.
  • Complete 3 Reputation Events.
  • Spend 50 Vigor.


Weekly Tasks:

  • Clear 5 levels of a Universal Hall
  • Fish 20 times.
  • Check-in the Amusement Park once.
  • Clear a Raid.
  • Clear a dungeon with a friend or guildmate.

Universal Hall and World Boss

In addition, there are tasks that reset every 3 days.

3 Day Tasks:

  • Complete a Dark Invasion
  • Clear 5 levels of a Universal Hall

The Universal Hall resets every 3 days and clearing it grants Inscribed Dust and Emblem Chests. 

To clear each level, you must kill a boss within the time limit while dealing with its mechanics. Each progressive level requires you to add more affixes and restrictions.

Likewise, the World Boss resets every 3 days and is accessible in the open world. Killing it grants you a multi-colored gem that can be inlay in any color gem slot.



Shadow Witch (Ancash) resets every 3 days rewards a weapon each time which always has a Special Aptitude. 

Root of Corrosion

Root of Corrosion has 5 bosses that unlock on a schedule and raid entries reset weekly. Each boss drops 1 item out of 3 possible item slots and this gear is guaranteed to have both a Special Aptitude, and a Set Bonus.

Twelve Monarchs

There are only 2 of the 12 Monarchs available at this time. Like Root of Corrosion, these bosses reset weekly and drop gear with a guaranteed Special Aptitude and Set Bonus. In addition, the Special Aptitude is guaranteed to be a blue or purple quality.


Stats Overview

Each class has a main attribute: either Strength, Intelligence, or Dexterity. This stack converts into a small amount of Attack value which affects the total output of their skills. In addition, they have a main attribute: either Crit, Combo, or Glancing. 

Glancing is exclusive to tank specializations, and is a chance to reduce incoming damage by their Glancing effect stat (default 25%). Crit is similar to critical chance in other games (Note that the default Crit. Damage is 150%, and not 200% like you may expect.) 

Combo is a fairly unique stat in Tarisland which grants a chance for any damage you deal (except for Emblems and auto-attacks) to deal 45% of your Attack value modified by your Combo Damage stat (default 150%). This means it is very strong with attacks that attack rapidly, or damage-over-time effects.

Tarisland will only allow you to acquire gear with Crit or Combo if it corresponds with your class’ specialization. When you swap specialization, the stat will also change to match your new specialization.

The other stats you will focus on are:

  • Focus – This reduces the enemy’s armor if you are a DPS. If you are a tank, this
    increases your armor. And if you are a healer, this increases your healing.
  • Hit – Reduces enemy chance to dodge.
  • Resilience – Reduces your chance to be crit. 
  • Omni – Increases your Effect Bonus (see below)
  • Cooldown – Reduces skill cooldown, increases cast speed, and reduces global cooldown.
  • Resonance – Affects the rate you gain Inscribed Stone Energy and Inscribed Stone skill DMG
  • Crit. DMG – Affects the damage of your Crits (note: combos can also crit)
  • Combo DMG – Affects the damage of your Combos
  • Effect Bonus – Affects your total damage (Multiplicative)
  • Haste Effect – Increases auto attack rate, cast speed, and decreased global cooldown
  • Energy Saving – Chance to not put the skill on cooldown
  • Specialization – This provides either Crit, Combo, or Glancing chance based on your spec.

Gear Rolls

Gear Score 90 and 100 gear have 2 random stats, and the stat is dependent on the item slot.

90 gear provides +105 to its primary stat, and +70 to its secondary stat.

100 gear provides +157 to its primary stat, and +105 to its secondary stat.

110 gear provides +210 to its primary stat, and +140 to its secondary stat and can also roll an additional 839 Health, 9 Attack, or 1% Reflect Damage, 4 Movespeed, 0.5% Damage Reduction, or 2% Specialization Effect.

  • Helmet, Boots, and Rings can roll either Main Attribute, Stamina, Omni, or Cooldown.
  • Shoulder, Belt, Cape, and Weapons can roll Main Stat, Main Attribute, Stamina, or Focus.
  • Armor, Greaves, Necklace, and Badges can roll Main Stat, Main Attribute, Stamina, Omni, or Cooldown.
  • Accessories, Gauntlet, Leather Gauntlet can roll Main Attribute, Stamina, Focus, or Hit.

Special Aptitudes

Special Aptitudes are unique class bonuses that affect your skills damage output, and other unique effects. You can gain Special Aptitudes from Root of Corrosion or Twelve Monarch raid, or from Arcane Realms. When you swap specialization, the Special Aptitude also swaps correspondingly.

Set Bonuses

Set Bonuses change when you swap Specialization so you do not need to have 2 sets of gear. It only drops from Root of Corrosion and Twelve Monarch raids.


Tempering allows you to transfer Special Aptitudes, or random stat rolls from one gear to another. It destroys the gear whose stats you want to transfer in the process.


Gems allow you to modify your gear to customize your stats. Your Weapon, Necklace, Ring, Accessories, Gauntlet, Belt, and Cape can have 0-3 Gem slots of either Yellow, Blue, or Red color. You must use a matching color Gem in each slot. World Bosses drop Colorful Gems which can be used in any slot. Red Gems provide Main Attribute, Yellow Gems provide Main Stat or Hit, and Blue Gems provide Health or Resilience. Gems can be unsocketed and re-used in new gear. 


Empowerment is a one-time bonus that provides additional power to your gear. The other 7 slots of gear that do not have gem slots, can receive empowerments instead. When you temper your gear, the empowerment also transfers.

Inscribed Stone System


The Inscribed Stone System grants your character additional bonuses, primarily stats, but also introduces a new buff called Fatuina Echo (Echo of Destiny.) This buff heavily ties into your Special Aptitudes and should factor into your decision making.

The Inscribed Stone System can provide Main Attribute, Omni, cooldown, Stamina, Resonance, Focus, Specialization, and Specialization Effect. This is the primary way to increase your Resonance which is important for classes that heavily rely on their Inscribed Stone skill for damage (e.g. Paladin DPS, Necro DPS)

Fatuina Echo can be upgraded 3 times. The base effect and upgrades are as follows:


Emblems can be inserted in specific nodes on your Inscribed Stone in order to provide a small amount of stats and other bonus effects. There are emblems focused for DPS, Healers, Tanks, and General emblems.

They come in 3 qualities, Green, Blue and Purple which start out at level 1 but can be upgraded to a maximum of level 4, 7, or 10 depending on the quality. Each level increases the stats and bonuses they provide, and at level 4, 7, and 10, they provide an additional random effect (either a bonus Emblem level, increase a nearby node, or provide bonus stats).



Battlegrounds are open from 10AM to 12AM local time (14 hours). There are 3 maps that rotate daily.

Peak Gulf – Capture Point map where the winner accumulates 2000 points first.

Sinister Orefield – Payload map where the winner has accumulated the most points by moving their cart forward and killing the enemy team.

Fire-Ice Island – MOBA-like map with towers, neutral minion objectives.


Arena is available between 10PM and 12AM local time. It is 3v3 mode with no objectives, but is equalized. No gear has any effects in Arena. Each week, you receive rewards based on your current Arena rank, including Glory Tokens and Hero Tokens which are used to improve your PvP rank.

Military Ranks

By accumulating Glory Tokens and Hero Tokens, you can improve your military rank which grants you additional Health and Attack in PvP and unlocks Titles.

Warlike Talents

Your Ultimate skills have bonus effects in PvP. They can also be upgraded from level 1 to level 3 by spending Glory Tokens if you have sufficient Military Rank.

In addition to your Ultimate skills, every class has access to the same 8 passive talents which they can choose 3 of. These passive talents can also be upgraded from level 1 to level 3 by spending Glory Tokens when you have sufficient Military Rank.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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