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Tips and Tricks

If you start a tribal playthrough with a sanguophage amongst your starting colonists, you’ll automatically unlock electricity, since you get deathrest research from the beginning.

Wild animals wont target your animals a behind a fence. Not until they randomly wonder past the fence.

Batteries keep their charge even when uninstalled.

Its better to scheduled a psycaster to meditate a few hours each day and set their threshold to be low, this way they still do their daily chores and build their focus back up over several days and there not constantly stopping through out the day to randomly meditate.

When a pawn butchers an animal the leather is dropped on the floor and the meat is carried to the freezer. Because of this is more productive to have the butcher table in/near the leather stock pile rather than in the freezer. As people tend to overtax the haulers then complain nothing is ever getting moved.

If you get an excellent outcome on the convert ritual it instantly converts the target. This is sometimes the only way to convert some suborn pawns.

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