Risk of Rain Returns – How to Get Into Tutorial and Unlock Bandit’s Strange Prism

Let us visit the Tutorial and take the Strange Prism: Snare (guide with pictures).

Guide to Get Into Tutorial and Unlock Bandit’s Strange Prism

How to Access the Tutorial Level

To enter, you’ll have to go into Settings.

Next, head to the CONTROLS tab (Upper part of the screen).

You will see the needed button Play Tutorial.

Press on the “Play Tutorial” option, then “YES”, and…

How to Go Out of Bounds (Kinda)

…you’ll spawn in the middle of the arena.

Just go left, hold your “down” button (to climb down).

To clarify, it is right here:

Then, head to the right part of the arena (to be exact, underneath it). Just follow the lead:

Grab the Strange Prism now!

Strange Prism: Snare Obtained

Some screenshots of what it looks like in-game:

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