Rust – Basic Building Guide

With this guide we will go over basic bases – placement of loot and tips and tricks that will help you to get started with building in the Rust game.

The Basics

Getting Started

Tools you will need

The only tools you will need are:

  • 1 x wooden hammer (100x wood)
  • 1 x Building plan (20x wood)
  • 1 x Tool cupboard (1000x wood)
  • 3 x key lock (150 x wood)
  • 2 x wooden door (500 wood)

Getting started

Once you have farmed up some resources 3000x wood (2000x stone optional) and found a spot that you would like to build in then you can right click your building plan pick your foundation and start building your first (starter) base.

Starter Base Types


This type of base is not that popular due to lack of space inside but you have the bonus of being harder to spot and being able to hide in small crevices and between trees.


The 1×2 is one of the most popular starter base designs in rust due to its compact nature but also having the ability to have quite a bit of interior space in it allowing for furnaces and a workbench as well as all the boxes that the 1×1.5 allows for.


The 2×2 is arguably the most popular starter base in rust – some groups even build off of it making it their main base later into wipe as the 2×2 is highly customisable because of the space that it offers

Base Interior

Tool cupboard

The tool cupboard is created using 1000x wood and is the heart of your base where you will put resources that will keep your base up (hence why its called upkeep) you can also store your hammer – blueprint – wire tool , hose tool in

Remember once another player access’s your tool cupboard they can build in your base so be careful who you let near it and make sure its protected from any of those nasty players looking to raid you

Large wood boxes/ Small wood boxes

Wooden boxes are the heart of all storage and they are used in everything from small starters to huge clan bases and yes you can get variants like coffins but you rarely see them outside of the Halloween events

Campfires / BBQs

It’s all-ways a good idea to have a way to provide you and your team some food in the wastelands which is rust, so having a campfire / bbq somewhere in your base will provide you both food and some comfort (which helps heal your player) as well as warmth on cold nights.


Furnaces are used for smelting raw metal ore and sulfur ore into their cooked counterparts which can be used to progress through wipe.


Workbenches are your way to convert scrap into unlocking new technology – whether that’s guns or base components like garage doors.

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