Rust – How to Create a Secret Compartment

A simple guide on how to create a compartment of your base that can store the highest grade loot.

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Before We Start

Before we start, I will tell you some information of the build itself.

Materials. You will need!

For the construction of the foundations/walls/etc.

  • 700x Wood
  • 900x Stone
  • 2 Stone foundations,
  • 1 Stone wall
  • 1 Stone half-wall
  • 2 wood roofs

Materials for Buildables:

  • Salvaged Shelves 1x
  • 50x Metal Fragments
  • Tool Cupboard 1x
  • 1000x Wood
  • Large Wood Box 4x
  • 500x Wood
  • 100x Metal Fragments
  • Sleeping Bag 1x
  • 30x Cloth


  • 150x Metal Fragments
  • 2900x Wood
  • 900x Stone
  • 30x Cloth

Step 1: The Start

Start with a 2×1 & place a half-wall as indicated in the image.

Place a wall in-between the 2 foundations and then place the Salvaged Shelves.

Step 2: The Important

Message: If you fail this part, you can grab the boxes and do it again. There is no limitation on how many times the roof can ‘cut’ the wall.

On the twig foundation, place a roof & upgrade it to wood so you can break it later.
Afterwards, place one of the crates you have, sticking out not alot, but not little either.

Side View:

Rust - How to Create a Secret Compartment

To the same for the other side, as demonstrated in the pictures.

Side View:

Rust - How to Create a Secret Compartment

The end result should look like this.

Rust - How to Create a Secret Compartment

Step 3: Fleshing Out

As this is a secret room, we might as well add some more stuff.
Put down the 2 remaining crates at the bottom like so:

Add the toolcupboard (Make sure it’s facing the crates for space):

The inside result should look like this:

Rust - How to Create a Secret Compartment

The Purpose of This

You can put very important items in the top crates, and if you get raided, you can spawn at the bag next to the tool cupboard and transfer them to the crates that are under the top ones.

Plus, if they get broken, the items remain inside, not in the raider’s hands.
It’s not that hard to try and doesn’t cost that much. Why not do it?

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