Sea of Thieves – What to Do with Doubloons (For New Players)

This is a guide for new players who have found themselves in possession of these mysterious purple coins!

Doubloons Guide

Purchasing an Ashen Key

Find the Lady Outside of the Tavern

Scroll to her doubloon menu and purchase the ashen key, this will be the thing that gets you the loot (You can buy the ashen chest too and unlock it, but the loot is much better when saving it for this quick mission)

Set Sail for the Sea’s Border

Raise the sails and head for the border of the world! Make sure you’ve got your ashen key sat safely in the bottom of your ship. once the sea turns red you know you’re are getting closer. Get your cannons ready for a short boss fight to claim your reward!

Get Ready to Travel to the Red Dimension!

Soon you’ll notice your ship sink into the red froth of the sea. Your ship will appear on the other side in a misty world of red. Your ship should be dry and ready to fight the Red King!

Fight the Red King!

Don’t worry! The fight is not hard.

The fight will include you going against the vessel of the Red King of the Sea! 5 hits from your cannon should send him off. His main attack will be his feeble attempt to RAM you. Get out of the way and stay on course! Once he’s sunk you should be on your way out of the Red Dimension!

Unlock Your Chest!

Unlock your spoils.

Once on the other side, you should be presented with the option of 3 chests by the Sea King, all the chests have labels and will show you the possible rewards (You can only choose one!)

A cloth one

  • Random High-Tier Cosmetics

A gold one

  • 30,000 money

A bilge one

  • 150 doubloons

Use your safely stored key to unlock whichever you choose!

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