Sons Of The Forest – Building Locations, Design and Useful Info

My Main Location With Basic Challenge

As you can see on the GPS, this location is very popular. It’s close to basically 75% of all the objectives, caves, and cannibal camps. Of course, for other locations like caves and all you will have to travel for a bit but that’s about 5 to 15 minutes of walking and exploring which shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem that might occur is cannibals coming toward you. Most of the time they are just ‘looking’ but they will attack you after a little while. So, if you are down for a very good place and a little bit of challenge, this might be your location.

But why exactly is this location the best location to build? 

Well, like I said, there are caves nearby, cannibal camps, and so forth but most importantly are trees and an unlimited water source. Meaning, you have plenty of resources around you. The same goes for leaves, berries, and other handy dandy items. But as I said, cannibals will come towards you in very small groups for that spicey challenge.

But, what is the other reason that WHOLF decides “This is the best location”?

Well, simply because of the huge amount of trees around you and the beautiful lake and view. Trust me. When building around this lake, you will be amazed at how good it looks. Especially when you create your housing over there. I also find it very challenging, I mean, it’s a survival overall and with the cannibals sometimes coming towards you, why not?

From tree houses to your own unique houses. But the best part is, the little canal going around my base is perfect to create defensive walls, traps, and small bridges. I have made a small bridge design, quite basic but it looks fantastic. Let me share a picture of the canal, this is what I mean in the bridge design section in this guide.

What Exactly Is My Plan?

So what I’m trying to do is to have three or multiple places with different meanings in my area. A main house, a farm type of house, and a looted house with all the items.

Main house: Beds, furniture and make it a comfy home with standard loot.
Farmhouse: The place to grow plants and animal-related stuff.
Loot house: With drinks, food, weaponry, and related. Basically the important stuff.

This is my location basically. And yes, I used my designing skills in Paint.

Made a little plan of what I had in mind.

How to Defend Your Surrounding


Cutting Down Trees Awareness


(1) Bridge Design

As you can see in this picture. I have made a bridge over a small canal around my housing. Very simple and easy to make. Made by half logs for the foundation and normal logs for the fence type of idea to ‘not fall off’. You can even make it look nicer with skull lanterns around it.

(1) Wall / Door Design

As you can see here, I’m working on a wall/door design. A defensive wall with a gap between it so you can go in and out and NOT the cannibals. Basically, what I have done here is made a small foundation to crouch under and go in and out with a roof above it, cause why not. This is the view from inside my main base.

This is the view when I’m outside of the main base, quite simple yet it works and looks kinda cool.

This is from the left side. The rock is just there for aesthetics and the cannibals do not climb over this. I may update this in the future with more ‘defensive’ materials.

(1) Failed Housing Design

When exploring the surroundings I saw a waterfall. But what if, I made a base down at the waterfall? I mean, cannibals do not swim and there is only (if build right) one way to ‘enter’ your base.

It’s a bit small at this location and placing down the logs to support it is kinda a pain due to you standing in the water and having that swim animation the whole time. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and lost motivation as I couldn’t find a perfect spot. Though, I do feel like there is another spot at a waterfall to build a base. Couldn’t find where yet.

(1) Failed Bridge / Dock Design

Unfortunately, there are no docks in the game yet and you can also not make them. What I tried here is making a dock leading into a ‘on the water base design’ but this wasn’t possible. Nice lookout point but that’s about it. I could make a tower out of this…


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  1. i suppose they might fix that in a later build I was able to inside of a triangle wall frame able to place one angled log but that was all.

  2. There’s another lake/river next to one of the starting spawns, it makes an AMAZING starter base location, the trick is to build on the rock path across the riverside of the lake .

    There’s an abundance of Trees & Wildlife, and with just 1 flyswatter trap on either bank in front of the path, you’ll obliterate most early threats and have more deer meat than you can handle.

    Once you have enough logs, build a lookout tower in the middle of the lake (it’ll let you even in summertime) facing the rock path, and later build another on each bank.

    Made it to Day 15 without swinging an axe.

    Only downside is the gpu/cpu burden from the water rendering & pathfinding fails.

    (Oh, and a LOT of deer [and sometimes Kelvin] can get stuck just under the rock ledge. Throw logs at them.)

  3. It’s a good location till the lake freezes over and your walls are useless – I built in this location and that was a big problem in winter

  4. hey FYI you can in fact make a dock. All the lakes will freeze over in winter and the season change every 5 days. so if you want to make a dock just sleep till winter and then the frozen lakes will act as flat ground. I also got frustrated with trying to build a dock till it became winter and I realized that you in fact could. Also possible to make a Floating/Boat House like in the original forest this way.

  5. It’s best to take a look at the full map and see how close or far you want to set up near Cannibal camps.

    It seems like the South East part of the island is mostly peaceful. Personally I set up at the base of the snow mountain near the “Littlebird Helicopter Crash” (where you could get a pistol rail and silencer) shown in the interactive map since it feels like a good spot. Enough distance away from cannibal camps, at the center of the map to start walking to any objective, a walk away from the first 3D printer, fresh water and fish, and some rivers that surround the land (that might stop Cannibals from approaching?).

    Since doors are not present in the game, it would be nice to share your base defences and ways of entry that are good for early and late game.

  6. there is a nice looking big lake with fantastic waterfall near the modern axe, you should definietly check for yourself

    • Hmm. Yes, that’s the same thoughts that I had after a little while to be honest. There are to much cannibals (NORMAL mode btw) around it and it’s highly annoying. Great spot but the high amount of cannibals make it worse.

  7. While you make good guides, this one is very bad. The area is near my base and it was littered with cannibals very quickly. I think this is because of the sheer amount of cannibal camps within this area. I do not think this is a great place to build a camp, as even pacifism around the cannibals will not work. The view is nice, but there are far better alternatives in what I’ve seen and this being in the center of a cannibal hotspot does not help. The guide is very lacking and while I understand it will be updated in the future, I would have hoped for a less barebones guide like this.

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