Street Fighter 6 – How to Easily Level Up Characters Bond for Free Outfits

The fastest method I have found to level up all of your characters bonds in World Tour (might not be the fastest but its how I’ve been doing it and it can take about 30 mins to get the items for fully levelling 2 characters or 1 in a few cases).

The Fastest Method

Step 1

First of all you will need to get the money to purchase the items to level up characters. This doesnt need to be done just for these items you can use it to very quickly get anything you want through purchases.

To do this you will need to go to this spot on the map after you have gone here do the scrap heap minigame to earn money.

I personally use the phalanx ability to get the most damage and assign it to your neutral special attack on modern controls.

I also recommend getting the upgrade in your skill tree that increases money from minigames. You will need to get roughly 63,000 to upgrade most characters with some exceptions such as ryu who will need twice as much as they will only gain one level from the items you give them.

Step 2

Go to a shop in the lowlands Nayshall (an area you unlock through advancing in the main story) that is located here.

Once you are at the shop all you have to do is purchase prepaid cards. It takes 50 to max out most characters however some as mentioned before such as Ryu will take twice as much.

Step 3

Finally go to the character that you want to level up and give them the pre paid cards till they are at the max level and you will unlock the outfit automatically on reaching level 100.

As of now this is still working fully however the developers could nerf either the pre paid cards or how much money you get from the minigame causing this to no longer be as efficient.

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