Super Fantasy Kingdom – How to Unlock Miner / Dryade

First of all, thats not a 100% guide you still need to be lucky and maybe spend some hours to try it over and ocer again. You can still be lucky with something missing on this guide.

Guide to Unlocking Miner / Dryade

As you can see in the picture I just build the port, lumberyard, quarry, goldmine, sawmill and smelther. And didnt use the other building spots. I have 4 starting orb ressources and used both outpost spots. If you dont have the 2nd outpost or the 4 orb rssources you can get the amount of gold by a savescum to place a goldore next to the goldmine and take the 4 ores from it.

I also got the 500 worker. Dont know how it works without him.

I started with 1 wood and 3 ores from the orbs taking the 5 wood from the outpost to start with 2 houses. You could change the place of the house next to the sawmill with the last geo under the tavern so you get 7 geologists at the end if you are lucky, build lumberyard, quarry and sawmill and buy the swordsman and crossbowman day 1, depending on the day 2 unit it will be easier or harder at the end of the run so take a good choice, didnt test every unit.

Your next goals are the port, goldmine and the first geohut. After that any time the church and the smelther for the hero upgrade and the golbars for mason and castle upgrade and 2 star gold unit, I took the 3 ores from the 2nd outpost for that amount of ores. The rest of the game you spend on taking stone and build geos and upgrade them, if you get enough stone you can build a wall or maybe you need the wall to survive with the choosen day 2 unit.

Besides the Buildings You Should Look for:

Only spend workers on the goldmine if you can spent 4 at once and turn them of right after they took the job, to do this you can change the workers from everything else to the goldmine at the end of an day after they go sleep (more chill) but you can do it at the very beginning of a day before they take their first job pause for that, you have to be fast for that. This way makes sure you can get the maximum amount of ore without taking a hole nod.

The mason should work until he upgrades the geo and not more so turn him of.

If you dont do the goldmine thing always keep a worker in the port and make sure you take berrys if you need mor food.

Move the flag, try to avoid that missing spots you can see on the picture. Geos dont look at the tile with the flag and just around a radius of the flag so if no free tile is in the radius you cant check this one.

The Save Scum Thing:

Geos find what they find in a specific order randomized for the day you can abuse this to quit the game after couning the searched tiles and place the flag next to the mine after you quit the game (restart the day) and the amount you counted comes.

One More Secret:

As you maybe know you cant get achievements on day 14, so if you find the last nod on day 14 you will not get the achievement after you killed the spider. But you will get it if you die to the spider.

You dont just need to be lucky with the thickets or the goldnods you also need to be lucky getting enought stone nods.

I hope you found this helpful!

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