Tarisland – ArchDruid Elite Guide

Guide to ArchDruid Elite

  • 2 Party (1 Tank 1 Heal 3 Dps each for Phase).
  • Healers have to be strong since you have to “Heal the Seed” during transmission.
    • Must-Have Ultimate skills.
      • Breakfree (Everyone).
      • Speed (if have one).
      • Interrupt (pref Tank).
      • Cleanse (Healer helping double rooted player).
  • DPS Requirement 3k (down from 3.3k since nerf 15%).

Phase 1

  • 90% HP | 4 Ghosts Spawn – 1 Ghost Safe = Green Circle to avoid Decay explosion (sth like that) use Speed in green circle to give everyone speed buff.
    • Dodging red stuff on the ground.
  • 85% HP | Recovery Sapling – Kill the adds else they will heal the boss (adds can be stunned, rooted, knock-backed).


  • 80% HP | 1 Designated Party (Party A) gather around the middle of the room (help clearing sapling as well) to enter the blue portal.
  • Inside the portal | Mini Boss Hp around 400k you have 40 sec (around 35 sec for running to portal etc) all dps kill the mini boss asap then healer can heal the seed in the middle of the room – you cant heal the seed before killing the mini boss and tank + dps help killing small adds.

After 80% The boss will do the green cleave which will permanently put the decay there covering 1/4 area of the room.

Phase 1.1

  • After Party A coming out of portal Party B gets in portal right away.
  • Doing the same things as Phase 1.
    • When Party A coming out of portal. Tank grabs the boss right away and position the boss in the mid toward the edge of the room. Cannot be in the middle or near the green clone.

Phase 2

  • After the 3 Portals.
  • Seed is fully healed.
  • Boss’s HP around 55%.
  • Cut Scene.

Sequence of P2

Boss has no berserk timer but he has wipe mechanic called “Decay Invasion”.

If your raid cannot kill Zelo before the 4th cast of Decay Invasion = wipe

  1. Sapling+ will appear, kill them all.
  2. Green barrier in the center < go in.
  3. 4 Ghosts Mech < go in green circle.
  4. 1st Decay Invasion.

Repeat this 3 times.

Important note during the last Decay Invasion – ignore the sapling+ knockback, root or stun or kite boss to maximize dps. Just DPS the boss.

Enjoy your shiny Loots!

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