Terraria – All New Crossover Content (Update 1.4.3)

This guide will showcase all the new content for the new update that released today!

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I. New Content and Changes

  • Added Don’t Starve inspired seed
  • Play with Don’t Starve-inspired shaders and lighting
  • Complete darkness is now dangerous to your health.
  • Exposed torches and campfires may not be reliable, as rain can put them out!
  • Players will need to eat or face hunger and eventual starvation
  • A few Don’t Starve inspired worldgen features, such as Surface Marble and Aboveground Spider Biomes
  • Has substantially improved drop rates and availablility of Don’t Starve related items
  • Added the Deerclops, a mid-late pre-Hardmode boss hailing from the world of Don’t Starve
  • A variation on the Deerclops’ boss theme, provided by Klei Entertainment!
  • A few rare background clouds featuring characters from Don’t Starve can now appear
  • Added several new Don’t Starve related emotes
  • Main menu now has some links to some assorted Terraria-related websites
  • Worlds using special seeds now have unique icons in the World Select menu to better tell them apart
  • Added a config option for an older version of Smart Cursor Hold, labeled in the config file as “SmartCursorHoldCanReleaseMidUse”. Changing this setting to true will make it so that Smart Cursor: Hold will immediately deactivate when releasing the hold button, even if the player is mining.

II. Items

  • Several new Pets from the Don’t Starve universe
  • A collection of Don’t Starve weapons and equipment, adapted to the world of Terraria!
  • Wilson and Willow Vanity Outfits
  • Several vanity hats and accessories
  • Two food items, the Froggle Bunwich and Monster Lasagna
  • The full array of standard boss related items from Deerclops
  • 4 Don’t Starve themed paintings

III. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Crimson Grass Walls spread slower than Corruption
  • Fixed a (previously undetectable issue) where enemies with a higher NPC ID than Golden Slimes would have Golden Slime bonus money drops
  • Fixed a rare worldgen softlock, where the game gets stuck trying to generate Hellforges
  • Fixed an issue with part of Leather Whip’s segments being cut off
  • Fixed an issue with Ice Bow being flagged as a channeling weapon when it isn’t
  • Fixed an issue with Flying Knife not having proper screen range limits
  • Fixed Princess not having the same “leaving” SFX like Angler
  • Changed the SFX of a number of some newer Summoning and Magic weapons, so that they are a bit more representative of the attack itself
  • Updated, added to, and pruned dozens of entries from an inaccurate and outdated list of homing projectiles that the Lunatic Cultist has damage resistance against
  • Fixed a rare bug with some minions that could make them despawn
  • Fixed some issues with certain sentry minions which could result in desync for players joining after they had been summoned
  • Fixed an issue where Celestial Starboard did not draw/make dust properly in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue with some Rocket projectiles, resulting in a number of silent and not so silent crashes
  • Fixed a subtle issue where certain items were a different color in the hotbar than they were in the inventory
  • Fixed a bug where Boulders and Rolling Cacti qualified as Ranged items eligible of dealing Frostburn if you wore the Frost Armor
  • Fixed an issue where Smooth Marble Blocks didn’t merge with dirt, ash, or frozen slime blocks (despite merging with most other blocks)
  • Fixed an issue where some of the newer campfires didn’t have Smart Cursor outlines
  • Fixed an issue preventing Honey Pit microbiomes from spawning in the Jungle
  • Fixed a bug where Thorns-effects hit Empress of Light at an extremely rapid rate
  • Fixed an issue where light Dynasty Walls showed an inacurate teal map color
  • Fixed an issue where some config settings are reset every time an update or hotfix occurs. Note: resolution in fullscreen resetting has not been fixed yet.

The New Seed / Gamemode

Using the new secret world seed theconstant will generate a cross-over world. The world has a constant shader which significantly darkens the world. This effect can also be seen when generating the world.

Not only will it be full dark on the surface during normal nights. When the player enters completely dark areas, the status message “It is very dark…you feel in danger…” will be displayed, and after 3 seconds, Charlie will start attacking, dealing a fixed 50 damage to the player per second. When the player exits completely dark areas, the status message “The danger of the dark has passed.” will be displayed.

But be aware! The player has a hunger system (only within this seed), which goes down over time and can be increased by eating food items. When the player becomes Hungry, the players health lowers and you take damage.


WilsonShirt: 244 WilsonPants: 231 GarlandHat: 273

WillowShirt: 245 WillowSkirtMale: 232 WillowSkirtFemale: 233

GarlandHat: 273

Eyebrella: 275

DeerclopsMask: 276

WilsonBeardShort: 2

WilsonBeardLong: 3

WilsonBeardMagnificent: 4


BerniePet: 327

GlommerPet: 328

DeerclopsPet: 329

PigPet: 330

ChesterPet: 331

NeutralHunger: 332

Hunger: 333

Starving: 334

AbigailMinion: 335



  • Rare_DontStarveWilson: 37
  • Rare_DontStarveWillow: 38
  • Rare_DontStarveMaxwell: 39
  • Rare_DontStarveCharlie: 40


BerniePetItem: 5088

GlommerPetItem: 5089

DeerclopsPetItem: 5090

PigPetItem: 5091

MonsterLasagna: 5092

FroggleBunwich: 5093

TentacleSpike: 5094

LucyTheAxe: 5095

HamBat: 5096

BatBat: 5097

ChesterPetItem: 5098

GarlandHat: 5099

BoneHelm: 5100

Eyebrella: 5101

WilsonShirt: 5102

WilsonPants: 5103

WilsonBeardShort: 5104

WilsonBeardLong: 5105

WilsonBeardMagnificent: 5106

Magiluminescence: 5107

DeerclopsTrophy: 5108

DeerclopsMask: 5109

DeerclopsMasterTrophy: 5110

DeerclopsBossBag: 5111

MusicBoxDeerclops: 5112

DontStarveShaderItem: 5113

AbigailsFlower: 5114

WillowShirt: 5115

WillowSkirt: 5116

PewMaticHorn: 5117

WeatherPain: 5118

HoundiusShootius: 5119

DeerThing: 5120

PaintingWilson: 5121

PaintingWillow: 5122

PaintingWendy: 5123

PaintingWolfgang: 5124


Deerclops: 668

DeerclopsLeg: 669


DeerclopsIceSpike: 961

DeerclopsRangedProjectile: 962

InsanityShadowFriendly: 964

InsanityShadowHostile: 965

HoundiusShootius: 966

HoundiusShootiusFireball: 967

PewMaticHornShot: 968

WeatherPainShot: 969

AbigailCounter: 970 (N/A)

Pets / Minions

BerniePet: 956 (Pet)

GlommerPet: 957 (Pet)

DeerclopsPet: 958 (Pet)

PigPet: 959 (Pet)

ChesterPet: 960 (Pet)

AbigailMinion: 963 (Minion)


AbigailsFlower: 624

Written by xXCrypticNightXx


  1. Craft the Deer Thing using Flinx Fur, a Lens, and some Demonite/Crimtane Ore, then use the Deer Thing in the Snow Biome. Alternatively, you can summon the Deerclops by being in the Snow Biome when it’s midnight in-game and a blizzard is happening. I hope this helps!

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