The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – How to Calculate Damage

Learn how to calculate the damage you deal to an enemy with both melee and ranged weapons.

Guide to Calculations of Damages

All credit goes to Myspulin!

The Math

Getting straight to the point, based on the game files it is as follows (for the sake of simplicity I shortened the words based on the legend below):

  • STR = Strength
  • DEX = Dexterity
  • AV = Armor Value of the enemy (Protection)
  • NH = Normal Hit
  • CH = Critical Hit
  • TD = Total Damage
  • WD = Weapon Damage
  • P = Percentage of weapon mastery (1-Handed and 2-Handed)

Melee weapons

  • NH: (WD + STR – AV – 1) / 10 = TD, TD >= 5
  • CH: WD + STR – AV = TD, TD >= 5

Simply put, unless you crit, you only deal one tenth of the damage. The critical strike chance is based on your weapon mastery, e.g. if you use a one handed dexterity based sword, your damage isn’t gonna increase even if you raise dex, only strength and the weapon damage matter.

Ranged weapons

  • WD + DEX – AV = TD

With ranged weapons there are no critical hits, but your weapon mastery instead influences the distance from which you can shoot accurately. Although it may look like the arrow or bolt hit the target, quite often the enemy takes no damage whatsoever unless they come super close to you, and this is exactly the reason why.

Damage Types

Another thing to note are the different damage types, blunt, edge, magical etc. The only thing this affects is that the protection (armor) value may differ based on the damage type you are inflicting, for example if you try to slash a golem with a sword, it will not be very effective as he has high edge damage protection (armor value).

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