The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – How to Respec or Repick Skills

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This is a very simple guide to show you the location of a potion that will allow you to respec / repick your skills that you have have already distributed into your Geralt.

Respec or Repick Skills Guide


This is an extremely simple to follow guide that hopefully will inform you on how to respec your skills in the Witcher 3. In Witcher 2, in order too respec Geralt’s skills, you needed to use console commands, but in the Witcher 3, they provide you with a lore centric way to respec Geralt’s skill in the form of a buyable potion. The game never let’s you know that this is an available option, so I’ll simply be telling you where you can find the potion.


This is the location on the Map where you will find the merchant that sells the potion. He is located in the Upper section of the center section of Novigrad.

This is what the shop looks like, in you have any trouble finding it.

Here’s the fellow your going to have to talk to, another with selling the potion, he also hands out a quest related to some relics he sells, but that’s for another guide entirely.

This is the potion itself, it sells for a 1000 crowns, it’s kind of expensive for players just starting the game, but later on, it becomes pocket change for high levels players.

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  1. Thanks! By the time I knew about this potion, I had already finished Keira’s quest. It’s nice to have a second place to buy it

  2. I’m pretty sure the game does tell you. I recall the game telling me about this potion during a loading screen. Still, really easy to miss so thank you for the guide!

  3. Wow I am a beginner with maybe a 1.000 crowns but I think I made some mistakes. I am still trying to find more ergot. Bought out the dwarf herbalist outside of Novigrad.

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