The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Viper Venomous Gear Stat Summary

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This guide detailed on Viper Venomous gear stat.

Stat Summary of the Viper Venomous Gear


A run down of the gear full stat summary and help you decide if you want this armor. To sum up this armor bridges the gap between master crafted armor and grand master crafted armor from Blood and Wine expansion. Will explain more in this short guide.

Full Stat Summary of Armor

  • 100 % poison resistance.
  • 60% elemental resistance.
  • 60% monster damage resistance.
  • 50% piercing resistance.
  • 50% slashing resistance.

Sword Stat Summary

Purpose of This Armor

In Hearts of Stone expansion nearing the end you will be roughly level 39. This armor set and swords are to help you get ready for Blood and Wine expansion. This set is better than any master crafted witcher gear you have obtained thus far. What this armor helps the most is since grand master gear is ridiculously expensive (except Manticore school gear) you will be using this set for a while.

How to Maximize the Full Use of This Set

  • The 100% poison resistance means you can throw devils puff ball freely without any worries.
  • Since the swords have high poison damage it will come in handy for Blood and Wine since you will be dealing with mostly vampires in that.
  • High Aard sign intensity helps a lot when fighting vampires. Especially vampires such as Bruxa and Alps.
  • High critical chance and critical damage boost means you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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